Kulfi & Friends Investigates Sika’s Accident. Little Singer Kulfi 23 February 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 302


The episode started with Kulfi telling Mohender, I dreamt about this place, did Sikander meet with his accident here, Amyra said dirty girl, you are jealous of dad spending time with me so you troubling him, can’t you see he is unwell, you aren’t even thinking of him, call him baba for once and all, get out, Kulfi said I am not trying to, Amyra said don’t you understand he doesn’t love you, no one wants you here just go away. Mohender hugged Kulfi and calmed her down.

Lovely tried to calm Sikander, sikander said when I think of that accident I get scared that I was going to lose you, Lovely said calm down, all will be fine, Sikander said it’s not easy, he held lovely’s hand and rested his head on her shoulders, Lovely found it weird and said Amyra is out, Sikander said please stay, Lovely thinks, is he really changed. Mohendar knocked and walked in, he said I need to talk to you and Lovely walked out.

Kulfi sat alone and said why is behaving so weird with me, the phone rings and Kulfi went to receive the call, she was informed that her friends are down to see her, she rushed to them and hugged her. Everyone was informed that Rajan is in charge now and all is very good there.

rocket asked you were crying what’s wrong and they all insisted on her to share her problems, Kulfi told them about Sikander’s weird behavior. She said I always feel that he isn’t my Baba but someone else and feel like my Sikander is lost in this place, i keep dreaming of it, a friend said I know this place and Kulfi said let’s go please.

Mohendar asked why did you get so angry over kulfi, Sikander said I lost my calm, you should talk to your daughter, Mohendar thinks oh Sikander has given kulfi’s responsibility to me this is why he is behaving like this, he said see Amyra is well now but the truth can’t change, Kulfi is your daughter, Sikander said god my head is spinning.

Kulfi is my daughter, no one can understand what I am going through. Sikander thinks god two daughters, he asked Mohendar how will I keep both my daughters happy, I keep forgetting their names, please talk to me about kulfi so I can recollect and Mohendar said okay.

Kulfi and her friends reached the sunset point, Kulfi started looking around the place, she saw a gods idol and walked towards it. Sikander said to Mohendar, Kulfi went through a lot, I wish I didn’t meet with an accident, both my daughters were in thw hospital and I wasn’t there with them, Mohendar said now you have to give them equal time, Kulfi is missing you a lot, give her your time, Sikander said I will. Mohendar said stayed in the room and Sikander left.

Kulfi said god, I fought with you but I am sorry, her friends joined her to pray, Kulfi said my baba is behaving weird, why did you show me this place, why is my baba so changed, who will answer me please help me. Sikander walked to Lovely and she got scared, she asked what’s wrong.

Sikander held her hand and knelt down and said I am thinking, from the day I came here, why are you distancing from me, now I know you are angry with me because of Nimrat, Lovely asked what, Sikander said she is my past and you are my present and future, Lovely said that’s correct and I am not upset.

Sikander said take a seat, you know you are so sweet, now please forgive me, I know I made lot of mistakes but I promise I won’t commit anymore and I will repay for it, Kulfi, I brought her home and made you deal with it, how bad of me, but not now, i have just you and Amyra in my heart and home, Kulfi has to leave.

Lovely was in shock, Sikander said you were so right Lovely but I never understood, and now I have taken a decision, Kulfi won’t stay here, she has to leave, Lovely got scared by Sikander’s behavior. Kulfi imagined Sikander talking to her and rusheed to him, her friends tried to stop her, Kulfi then realized it was her imagination, she felt Sikander calling her and she followeed the voice.

Precap : Kulfi said I want to climb down the hill and rocket said no, Kulfi said I will, her friends said, you won’t go alone we will accompany you…Read more

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