Amyra Accepts Kulfi As Her Sister. Little Singer Kulfi 23 March 2023, Thursday Pt1: Episode 341


The episode began with Kulfi telling the whole class her father is Sikander Singh Gill. She added, Amyra is my little sister and I love her. Amyra asked, how is he your dad, like my mom is Lovely which is his wife, where is your mother, she didn’t marry my father? Kulfi replied, my mom told me she did marry Sikander but Amyra said, there are no proof. The class started gossiping about kulfi and called her a dirty girl.

Mohendar scolded lovely and Gunjan. Lovely said, Bhabhi, you shouldn’t have done that to Amyra. Mohendar said, we have to think about the girl’s future and keep it in mind that Sikander shouldn’t find out about this. Amyra was in the lift with Kulfi and she kept teasing her saying, go and complaint to your baba that I insulted you. Sikander called Amyra and kulfi close to him, he noticed kulfi had been crying and asked, why are you crying?

Kulfi replied, I fell down. Sikander asked, how? He looked at Amyra and figured out Amyra had done something wrong and asked you two fought again? He hugged Kulfi and said, everything will be fine. He called Amyra close too and said you two go and freshen up, we have a launching today go. Amyra thinks, I won’t allow kulfi to be Sikander Singh’s daughter nor my sister.

Sikander got a call from the school and was informed about the incident, he called Amyra and scolded her. lovely asked, what’s wrong? Kulfi and Mohendar followed lovely to Sikander and he said, I thought my kids didn’t love me fine but she humiliated the whole family in front of the school. Sikander told Lovely all what had happened.

He asked, is this what I taught you Amyra, who told you that word? Mohendar then asked him to calm down but Sikander said, I am tired of explaining things to her, what good did she do by insulting her and who taught you all this? Amyra responded, I learnt it from you. Sikander said, Amyra stop crossing all the limits and Amyra asked, what will you do? I can talk to you anyway I want because you aren’t my dad and as usual, taking kulfi’s sides.

Lovely tried to calm Sikander. Sikander said, what is it, I get it Lovely, it’s my fault but why trouble kulfi, that’s not what Amyra will be allowed to and if she keeps doing it, then I will have to favor kulfi, enough of Amyra’s drama, kulfi why didn’t you tell me? Kulfi then hugged Sikander.

Mia was informed about kulfi and Amyra’s drama by Sudha, Mia’s friend who was a teacher in the school. Tia’s daughter came to her with her dad Vikram and Mia said, you are late. Vikram responded, you won the custody but that doesn’t mean you always have to time me for my daughter, come let’s celebrate I am launching a new duo, Sikander’s daughters.

Vikram said, how could you Mia, you are working for Sikander Singh Gill, he destroyed my career. Mia said, enough of the drama, it has been 8 years now, that was your failure, he didn’t snatch the mic from you. My work is mine and I am not your wife to work with your concern. Vikram said, you know very well that I hate him but wait two daughters! he has just one daughter. Mia said, the other one was hiding and Vikram remembered kulfi from the school.

Lovely said, Amyra dad was very angry. Amyra asked, dad has chosen and it’s Kulfi, whom do you also choose? Lovely replied, I am with my family, let me tell you, what you did was wrong. Amyra said, go away, everybody leave me and go, do something, throw me on the road. Lovely asked, have you lost it, do you know how hurtful it is to hear this from you?

Amyra responded, this is all your fault, you have always lied mom, why? You gave me so much pain yet still you say you don’t choose me, I want my own dad, my own mom, choose mom. Kulfi saw lovely and Amyra talking.

Kulfi walked to Sikander, Amyra walked in and Lovely followed up. Amyra apologized, I am sorry dad. Sikander hugged her and said, don’t say all that again. Amyra said, I was shattered to know the truth, I want you and your love. Sikander said, I am always with you and will never let you go away from me. Amyra gave kulfi a cold look.

Sikander said, Amyra like a dad and daughter’s relation is special, so are sibling’s relation too, like Mohendar bhaiya is always there for me, Kulfi is your sister, be each other’s support, strength, give each other chance, please accept kulfi. Amyra said okay. Kulfi was very happy and Sikander hugged them both.

Sikander said tomorrow, my daughters will be launched. Kulfi said, we will sing together, I am so happy. Amyra said yes, we will see that tomorrow.

Precap : Kulfi and Sikander were together and Sikander said, I am so excited, it’s a big day tomorrow. Amyra saw them talking. Sikander said, kulfi tomorrow I shall tell the whole world “meet this girl, my daughter kulfi”…Read more

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