Sikander To Reveal His Daughter Kulfi To The World. Little Singer Kulfi 23 March 2023, Thursday Pt2: Episode 342


The episode began with Sikander looking for kulfi everywhere, he found her washing clothes and asked her, what are you doing? Kulfi replied, washing clothes. It’s a big day tomorrow, I am so excited tomorrow as I will be Kulfi Sikander Singh Gill. Sikander picked her up and took her out. Kulfi said, let me at least finish my work, you see you are so handsome, I have to look pretty too, right.

Sikander laughed and said I am getting new clothes for my princess and my angel and Kulfi became very excited. Sikander said, I am even prepared for tomorrow’s speech, I will tell the whole world tomorrow that, see this pretty girl here, she is my daughter, you know what, I will pray to god to give me a daughter like you in every life.

While speaking, he saw Amyra, called her in and said, I am getting you two new dresses. He then asked, what’s wrong with your throat? Amyra replied, no worries it will be fine, tomorrow is a big day right. Sikander said yes, you two go to sleep, Amyra I am getting you warm turmeric milk.

Kulfi said, Amyra I am so excited you accepted me as your sister and tomorrow the whole world will know, I can’t wait. Mohendar was scolding Gunjan and Gunjan said, I just tried to raise my voice for kulfi. Mohendar said, Sikander will do that, stop doing that, Amyra and kulfi are both our daughters, so stop all this. Kulfi was talking to the stars saying, Ma tomorrow is a big day, I will be introduced as kulfi sikander Singh Gill, she then got her pen and book.

Sikander got breakfast for everyone and was very excited about the launch. Kulfi said, I have something for you, I made a speech, will let everyone hear. She read out her speech to everyone, she and Sikander became emotional. She looked around, saw everyone emotional and asked, why is everyone crying? Amyra said, very good speech. Kulfi held Amyra’s hand and said, today we are going to sing together, please give us blessings.

Sikander said, my blessings are always with you, I am very lucky to have students like you two, all the best. kulfi you will get your identity today and my family will be complete. Lovely remembered their last night conversation said, Amyra you are my family, my life starts with you, I will give you your dad, just do what I say.

Kulfi and Amyra were performing and Sikander looked at them, he prayed to god to keep kulfi happy and end her hardship, she has faced a lot. Everyone applauded for kulfi and Amyra.

Mia said, these two will be stars but when will Sikander announce kulfi as his daughter, I will get all the credits to launch her and I will be a star too. Mia addressed the audience and welcomed on stage Jimmy Gazdar, he praised the girls, Vikram became irritated.

Kulfi and Amyra were given different green rooms. Kulfi asked, Ma did I sing well? The star shone, kulfi became happy and said, baba was so happy too, he is going to call me close and tell the whole world I am his daughter, even Amyra has accepted me. Amyra was in her green room smiling.

Precap : Mia said, today we will know an interesting fact about the little star kulfi and Sikander mentioned kulfi’s full name as Kulfi Mohendar Singh Gill…Read more

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