Kulfi & Amyra Fights For Their Gold Coin. Little Singer Kulfi 23 May 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 426


The episode began with Kulfi and Amyra seeing their gold coin with Mahabali, he saw the girls standing there and he scolded them, they got scared and left. Sikander came back to the chawl and saw Yusuf in pain. He thinks, this test has become very difficult for the girls, I have to be with them.

Kulfi and Amyra rushed to Sikander and told him about the situation. Kulfi said, come with us, let us go get our coin. Sikander then thinks, they have to struggle on their own but I can’t say no as well and he said okay. Himmat said, no one is leaving here, can’t you see Yusuf? Sikander said to the girls, we can’t ignore Himmat so let’s stay.

Jangya said, I will work out and go fight with those wrestlers and kalti asked, what about your height? kulfi it is very difficult to get coin now but we can’t lose hope, we will find a way. Amyra said, yes and my dad will help us with solutions too. Sikander had a call from Mohsin to discuss about their shoot and Sikander said, we will discuss that later.

The next day, Sikander told everyone about his new music album and everyone was very happy about it. The girls decided not to tell Sikander so as not to ruin his happiness and deal with the situation themselves. They went to Sikander and told him they had to go see their friends for Diwali and they left. Their friends also slowly made excuses and left. Sikander smiled knowing they were all making excuses.

Amyra, Kulfi were with their friends and Amyra said, I will go first, you guys stay here. The wrestlers made fun of Amyra, she said stop it, she then took pictures of them and said, I will upload your pictures and inform everyone about how bad you are and expose you people and make you go viral. The wrestlers started laughing at her and said, take good pictures of us and they posed. Mahabali came there and said, we are scared of no one, get lost.

Amyra said to Kulfi, these people are disgusting, I can’t handle them. Kulfi said, let me try and she went to them. She straight away walked to Mahabali and requested him for the coin. Mahabali said, this place is not for girls but Kulfi said, this coin has been my family’s heritage, please return it. Mahabali said, make me laugh and I will return. Raju mummy was keeping an eye on them. Kulfi started singing, the wrestlers danced over her tunes and they all applauded for her.

Mahabali said, good song, now tell me what you want and Kulfi responded, I want my gold coin. He said, no you won’t. Raju made a video call and showed all what was happening. Mahabali tricked kufli and said, I would give you something else, i didn’t say I will give you the coin, I will you have lassi rather.

Jangya started shouting and said, you hit my dad, you stole our coin too, I won’t leave you and he run. He stumbled over a wrestler and felt dizzy. The Kid started shouting at him to return their coin but the wrestlers pushed them away. Sikander told Raju not to go but stay put and make sure that the kids don’t get hurt but should allow them do it on their own.

The Kids were upset and came back to the chawl. Sikander walked to them and asked, what’s wrong? He then told them a story of Narkasur to motivate them not to lose hope, he asked them to awake the fire inside them and fight the evil.

Precap : Kulfi and Amyra saw challenge in Mahabali akhada and challenged him to it…Read more

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