Sikander Records His New Album. Little Singer Kulfi 23 May 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 427


The episode began with Kulfi and Amyra coming across a poster which was a wrestling challenge at Mahabali akhada. Sikander saw the girls walking towards the poster and said, this is good, go for the impossible, that’s what I am looking for in you.

Mohsin and Sikander launched their album in front of the media. Jimmy walked to them in anger and said, Mohsin you ignoring me and this will cost you, you were supposed to launch the album with me but you choose this zero. Mohsin said, chill jimmy. Jimmy insulted Mohsin and Mohsin slapped him. Jimmy said, what you have done will cost you. Mohsin responded, I am not your slave, so don’t tell me what to do.

Everyone in the chawl saw the video of Mohsin slapping Jimmy and became very happy. Kulfi and Amyra were happy about the album announcement. Sikander said, I am going to the studio but I have a surprise for you guys and gave everyone a gift. Kulfi said, these gifts must be expensive and Sikander asked her not to worry.

Kulfi and Amyra were talking to their friends about getting the coin back and Matka said, they will not spare us this time round. Sikander slowly listened them talk and Kulfi said, we will have to fight the evil together on the wrestling ground. We have to get the coin before pooja so we can use it during pooja. Sikander asked Raju mummy to keep an eye on the kids.

Sandy was with Jimmy while he shattered the whole office in anger. On the other hand, Sikander started with his recording. The girls walked to the wrestling ground with their friends. Jimmy said, Mohsin behaved with me this way because of Sikander, now I won’t spare him, I won’t let his song get released, I will steal his song. Sandy go find out where his song going to be released. Mahabali got angry at the girls.

Mohsin praised Sikander after recording. The girls challenged Mahabali for the wrestling challenge but he said, girls can’t enter, they aren’t meant for this. Kulfi and Amyra argued saying, we will defeat you without even touching you and Mahabali agreed to them.

He said, no girl has even ever tried to talk to me and you want to fight, no problem, go ahead. Raju was surprised over the girls take. Sandy told Sikander about Jimmy’s plan. Sikander said, I want him to do so because this is how we will reach his piracy racket.

The girls challenged the wrestlers to the stop Sun from reaching their eyes, the wrestlers couldn’t do it without touching them and asked Mahabali to help. Kulfi said, it’s our turn, no shall we. She shared an idea with Amyra. Raju was worried for the girls. Kulfi threw soil over the wrestlers and they all closed their eyes.

Precap : Sandy informed Jimmy that Sikander was recording the songs at Niranjan studio and he said, Sikander is bad luck, I have my men already plotted there…Read more

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