Amyra Begins Loving Kulfi Again. Little Singer Kulfi 23 November 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 170


The episode started with Kulfi feeling bad seeing Tevar even after not being her dad spends so much on her and slowly whispered to Sikander and asked him to talk to Tevar, Sikander explained to her,do you should see the love, Amyra loved Tevars choice while Kulfi loved Sikanders choice.

they both exchanged the payal and placed it at the girls feet.Lovely in tears seeing Amyra and Sikander together,the salesman asked anything for maam,Amyra said yes diamond rings, Lovely said no i am good, Amyra said mom you have to, Kulfi and Tevar ask Sikander to chose for her, Lovely thinks god, this friendship, now my ex boyfriend and husband listen to each other.

Amyra asked Sikander to get on his knees and then give the ring to lovely, lovely was in tears,kulfi and Amyra applauded. Amyra pulled Sikander and lovely and asked them to dance, Tevar felt awkward. kulfi held his hand and started dancing with him. Sikander involved Amyra with them,he saw kulfi and Tevar perform a couple dance and joined them with Amyra. Amyra saw kulfi and Tevar happy and thinks my dad loves me and things will remain as it is so why can’t i be Kulfi’s friend. kulfi went to pull Amyra and started dancing with her.

Sikander got crackers for Amyra and kulfi, Amyra said the first cracker will be mine, Tevar said watch out, it’s me too this time, Amyra and Tevar run to burn the cracker. Sikander asked kulfi what’s wrong, kulfi said this is my first diwali, where i have so many sweets crackers and i don’t have my baba too.

Sikander held her hand and said think he is here, can’t you take me as your baba for a day. Kulfi remembered her dream and started smiling, Sikander asked what’s wrong, kulfi said you won’t share with anyone,i once had a dream of you as my baba, Sikander said why hide then, Kulfi said Amyra would feel bad so.

Lovely was distributing Diwali sweets, Tony asked if all the arrangements were done, lovely said yes, Sikander asked what arrangements, Tony said i thought of card party to be held here and will also help your business, do call your friend Tevar.

Kulfi was singing and preparing for Diwali party with everyone.Lovely saw Amyra get along with Kulfi and gave her cold look’s and Amyra tried to keep away. Sikander was cooking sweets.Kulfi tried to help lovely as well. Sikander and Tevar danced with bebe and Lovely felt left out.

kulfi dressed for party and talks to nimrat,she said, Tevar sir is doing so much for me and for him i will study hard and make him proud, Tevar walked to her and said oh so pretty and i know you will make me proud, I have something for you.

he placed bangles on her hands, kulfi was very happy and excited to see her bangles and said how did you know, Tevar said you know the answer,kulfi said yes because you are my baba and know what i want and hugged him.

Precap : Tevar and Tony got into the card games,tony teased Tevar and annoyed him…Read more

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