Lovely & Tevar Recalls Their Past. Little Singer Kulfi 23 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 88


The episode started with Lovely thinking of Tevar saying Amyra is his too.Sikander and Kulfi walked to Lovely and told her it’s a surprise and they took her to the piano, Sikander and Kulfi sang for her, Lovely hearing the song started thinking of Tevar and said stop Sikander, please i can’t hear to this song now,it’s your song, i am tired,i want to be relaxed and all fresh,i am restless and worried for Amyra.

Sikander said calm down,go check on Amyra and go to sleep,Lovely said you didn’t feel bad right,Sikander said no i didn’t and Lovely left. Sikander asked Kulfi what’s wrong,Kulfi said, our gift, our song, it’s all gone, Sikander said she will hear it tomorrow but now we will sing it for ourselves today, Kulfi said let’s go then.

Kulfi and Sikander started singing, Lovely was near Amyra while she was asleep.Lovely remembered her old days,Tevar was also thinking the same. Lovely remembered how she met Tevar and how they bonded,Kulfi was in tears after singing the song,she kissed Sikander’s forehead and hugged him.

Lovely remembered taking a pregnancy test and it being positive, Tevar was in his workshop narrating poems,while he worked on frames,he got a call from Lovely all freaked out and said pack all necessary things and just meet me at the meeting point,Tevar said i have a scholarship interview in 2 hours, all is good right.

Lovely said we have to marry, Tevar said we spoke about this, once i settle then i will speak to your dad, Lovely said if you love me just see me. Tevar was at a tea stall with his baggage waiting for Lovely,he tried calling her.

Tevar shouted, i left my love, my life, my dreams and everything behind for you but you didn’t come love, Lovely said i had left everything but i couldn’t reach you guddu,lovely got in her car to go see Tevar but Tony sat in her car and said it good to see in movies, here’s a blank cheque like in the movies too but this is not a movie lovely, i won’t ask you to leave him,it’s your right to love someone,so be happy, here’s money.

Lovely said, dad i don’t need money to be happy,Tony said i did the best for my daughter, so you want for your baby, so use my money, Lovely said guddu is very selfless, he won’t accept and guddu will do everything for me, Tony said i won’t stop you,when this cheque book finishes, call me back, i will provide another and left the car,Lovely left and reached Tevar and saw him struggling to pay for his tea, Lovely just passed by without meeting Tevar.

Sikander walked to Kulfi, she was sitting alone and crying and said i don’t know, i was good but i started crying, Sikander said missing mom,Kulfi said i know ma is there as a star but i cant feel her,why is that and started crying, Sikander placed her on his lap and helped her fall asleep.

Mahinder said I have made a decision, i am thinking of adopting Kulfi…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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