Lovely’s Dark Secret Revealed. Little Singer Kulfi 23 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 89


The episode started with Sikander resting Kulfi’s head on his lap and placed her off to sleep,he picked her up and took her to her room, Mohinder saw them and said 7 years back, they didn’t even know about existence and are now together but are unaware of being father and daughter, i am so helpless.

Flashback: Tonny asked Lovely, do you want to keep this baby or abort it, Lovely said abortion? How could you think of it,Tonny said not just this but many other, I am launching a guy Sikander Gill, he is very innocent and down to heart,marry him and give your baby a father.

Drunk Tevar reached Lovely’s house,a man there said the wedding is tomorrow, Tevar shouted Lovelys name and waited for her to call and he kept drinking. Flashback ended.

Lovely looked at Amyra and said i choose you Amyra,you are the sign of our love,i love you the most in my life,this step took me away from Guddu but your future was what mattered most,
Kulfi dreamt of Sikander as her father and woke up saying i can’t be greedy, no,he is just Amyra’s fathers and remembered how he was always there for her too.

Mohinder went to dadi and said what are we doing for Lovely and Amyra,we are doing so bad and injustice with Kulfi,what will happen when her hopes will break.

Flashback: Lovely married Sikander,Tevar saw her get into the car along with Sikander,he followed her car but they left.

Tevar was drinking said Lovely, from the time you left me, i am into this alcohol, Lovely looked at Amyra said no one knows that you are guddus daughter and no one will ever know about it.Dadi asked what can we do, Mohinder said we need to give her everything she deserves like Amyra,Dadi said i want that to,Mohinder said i have a way.

Mohinder gathered everyone and said for the past few days, i was thinking,i don’t know how correct it is but now i think it is,Gunjan said enough of the puzzles, tell us please,Mohinder said Gunjan you always wanted to have a family, so do i, so i made a decision to adopt Kulfi, Lovely said what,Mohinder said you heard right,i want to give her a good life.

Lovely said Kulfi is Jagira’s grandson, Mohinder said that doesn’t matter, all that matters is principles and also if he wasn’t there we wouldn’t have ma with us,Gunjan said did you talk to me before taking this decision, Mohinder said i thought this would make you happy, Gunjan said i want my own baby not someone else’s, dadi said Kulfi is our own,

Lovely said i think bhabhi is right, Kulfi is cute but that doesn’t mean we will adopt him,Dadi said he will get parents and then a baby, Lovely said we know Kulfi’s mom is dead but her father,Mohinder said he would never come,Gunjan said how could you be so sure, Dadi said because if he wanted them, he would never leave his mother and him,i think this is Kulfi fate,see i think it was his fate to come to us,isn’t it strange that he came to us in such a big city and not anyone,and i support Mohinder’s decision.

Lovely said i get you but we are looking after him why adopt him,Amyra heard all that and said what’s wrong with them, what are they discussing, it’s so confusing,Mohinder asked Sikander what he thinks, Sikander said i was thinking that you should talk to Kulfi once,Mohinder asked but what do you feel, Sikander smiled and said it’s a good decision, who wouldn’t love to have a father like you and a mother like bhabhi,let me go talk to Kulfi

Sikander was looking for Kulfi, Kulfi was playing in her room,she saw Sikander walk to her dressed like Setu and became scared, he said what’s wrong and closed the door and said i shouldn’t think of all this.Amyra asked what’s wrong dad, what was everyone discussing, Sikander said we were discussing about adopting Kulfi.

Mohinder uncle is thinking of adopting him,Amyra said meaning he will be my cousin brother, Sikander said yes and left,Amyra said never, he will never be part of my family,Lovely thinks, if they adopt Kulfi, i will have no control over him and then how will i make him sing for Amyra.

Pre cap:
Amyra and her friends took a picture of Kulfi and prepared a poster reading do you want a son?…Read more

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