Sikander Releases Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 24 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 46


The episode started with Cutie slipping over the water,everyone then rushed to her,Sikander helped her get up,Sikander said where did this water come from,kulfi started banging the door,Sikander opened the door and kulfi hugged him, Amyra became jealous.

kulfi said why did you do this to me,my mama must have left now,how will I survive now, where will I go and started crying,Sikander hugged her and said no dear you don’t cry like this,you are a brave girl,Sikander looked at amyra and saw she was upset and in tears.

Sikander Walk to amyra and lifted her too and she looked at kulfi. Sikander took them both away. Cutie said this boy threw water to take revenge,lovely said mom he is a kid,he wanted to see mama, Cutie said lovely, worry about Amyra and kulfi, if anyone tells Sikander the truth you will be in pain.

Kulfi said what will I do now,Sikander said stop crying come on good boy,and I am here for you, nothing will happen to you and I will ask your Nanu to find your mama.

Sikander walked to lovely, Amyra then gave kulfi a tissue and showed her how to wipe them,Sikander said why did you do this,lovely said mom must have done that, she used to do this with me too. Amyra took the tissue back and teased kulfi.

Lovely said kulfi come here don’t cry,you will find everything and hugged her,Sikander dressed like a clown using household stuff and sang for kulfi to cheer her,kulfi and Amyra started laughing seeing Sikander act funny.

Amyra hugged Sikander and said dada you are so funny,lovely went and joined them,kulfi thinks, why don’t I have this happiness,mama was there and I lost him too,I have no one no ma,no papa,no mama.

Sikander said dada, you won’t go to him come with me is my story,Sikander signalled lovely to go to kulfi.jagira said madam I sent my man but his mama isn’t there,kulfi said look I am sorry, stop crying,lovely said we will find your bag and mama,left, right, right now go get her bag, you won’t sleep until you get it.

Lovely said come on go and sleep kulfi, by tomorrow we will have your bag and then look for your mama.lovely said jagira look after him and I don’t want his voice to come out. Amyra said dada I was a good girl today,Sikander said what is it?

Amyra said it’s a surprise, when things become final i will tell you,lovely walked to them and said did she sleep. Sikander said yes and asked what’s the secret,lovely said nothing important, relax.

Lovely said I have something important to share,you have changed so much and for the good,our past was painful and we will decide the future.

so please come back to our room,only if you want,Sikander said off course I do. Sikander said lovely you know there’s something in this boy kulfi and because of him some how we came closer and hugged lovely,

Jagira walked to kulfi and helped her fall asleep. Lovely thinking about the secret she had hidden from Sikander,kulfi woke up and prayed to God and said you helped me with food last time get me my bag too and she saw her bag

Roshan called lovely said Amyra’s voice is her identity, I can’t think of anything else.
Sikander was given a cheque by Roshan and said this is the recording amount,the recording should be ready,Sikander said I can sing today as well,Roshan said I was talking about amyra…Read more

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