Kulfi Finds Her Bag. Little Singer Kulfi 24 August 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 47


The episode started with Kulfi saying, oh God, I have seen my bag, is it a dream? lovely said don’t you want your bag,kulfi said pinch me,lovely pinched her,she said my mom’s bag and hugged it.

kulfi opened it in excitement but saw someone else’s clothes and said this doesn’t have my mom’s belongings,lovely remembered her call with Roshan and said this voice isn’t Amyra’s, how will amyra sing in it,I have to do something,left gave lovely kulfi’s bag and said here you go.

Lovely said kulfi it’s your bag right,kulfi said yes but my belongings and started crying,lovely said I will find your belongings too,until then, stay here, I will find mama too, now stop crying, good boy,now come let’s have breakfast,come on get ready come soon.

Kulfi remembered Nimo and the time spent with her,Sikander was in the shower and heard kulfis voice again,kulfi again was hiding near the pipes and singing,Sikander thinks why am I hearing songs like this.

Sikander got out and opened cupboard,lovely rushed to him and said let me get you clothes today and while taking out the shirt, Nimrat Locket fell and lovely slowly hid it.

Sikander said I don’t feel like going to work, let me stay here with you and Amyra,lovely said work is important and Amyra has a test, so come see us at the breakfast table, she kissed his cheeks and left

Lovely said kulfi come with us, have breakfast and Amyra was surprised. Mahinder asked Sikander where were you last night,Sikander hugged him and said all is good by God’s grace,Maninder stopped him and teased him on the lipstick mark.

Kulfi was taking a seat, Amyra stopped kulfi from seating by saying have you ever sat on a chairs,lovely said Amyra be nice,kulfi asked, where will I sit,Sikander said you are my brave kid and will have a new place and he got her a chair.

Amyra said he is a dirty boy, why will he have breakfast with us,lovely said no baby, I told you he is our guest, Gunjan said to Dadi, what’s wrong with lovely, she is being so sweet, Dadi said she is trying to blend, Gunjan said I will believe if you say,lovely greeted everyone and asked how was the dinner,Maninder said very nice but we missed you.

Kulfi saw everyone having food and missed Nimrat,Sikander asked why aren’t you having food,kulfi said because I didn’t have any of such food ever.

Sikander asked what do you like,kulfi then named Sikanders favorite dish, Dadi said Maninder and Sikander use to fight for the last bite, Amyra asked what’s that,Sikander said I will cook for my daughter today.

Maninder and Sikander went to ths kitchen and started cooking,lovely said I didn’t know Sikander cooks, Gunjan said you don’t know many things dear.kulfi joined Sikander and Maninder, Amyra then got jealous and angry.

Sikander got the fish to the dinning table,Sikander said have it Amyra,amyra said I don’t want to,Sikander was about to go behind her,kulfi said let me give her and followed her, Dadi said chill, they are kids let them play,kulfi said here Sikander sir made with love and you didn’t taste it.

Amyra then pushed the plate,kulfi said my mom said you should never disrespect food, Amyra said why don’t you go to your mom, Dad is always behind my parents,kulfi said my mom is no more and my dad I don’t know where he is and my mama I lost him.

Amyra said do you know why dirty boy,because no one loves you,kulfi started crying and said my mama loves me and he did come looking for me but your granny locked me, Amyra said how dare you blame my cutie,lovely saw amyra and kulfi arguing and said stop it kids,kulfi said she called me an illiterate.

Sikander walked to them and said, you two calm down what’s wrong,lovely said Sikander I will talk to them,you go carry on with the meetings,Sikander said arguing leads to nothing and no fighting and he left,the moment Sikander left, Amyra left kulfi’s hand.

Roshan said Sikander get ready for the recording,Sikander said let’s finish today then,Roshan said I meant Amyra and told him about last night dinner…Read more

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