Kulfi Goes Down The Cliff To Look For Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 24 February 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 303


The episode started with Kulfi saying, I want to go downstairs, there’s something calling me down. Rocket said let’s go, it’s going be late, Bansi said come on, Kulfi said you all go and thank you for coming but I am going down.

Kulfi again felt like Sikander is calling her, rocket said you won’t go alone we are coming with you, Kulfi was about to slip and imagined Sikander giving her support, rocket asked her where she is lost.

she touched a stone and felt weird and said why do I feel so painful, she then proceeded ahead, Zinda asked do you see something, Kulfi said I feel something, something is drawing me here, she found an ID card, Bansi said it holy hospital batch, Kulfi said I am taking it home, rocket said okay but now it’s going to be dark let’s go home.

Sikander said lovely, it’s just us now, I want your happiness and will do anything for it, even send Kulfi away, Lovely thinks why is he behaving so weird is he trying to test me, Sikander said you don’t trust me, where is Kulfi I am sending her right away, Kulfi called uncle as aunty, Sikander heard it and said now she will see my wrath.

Sikander said listen Kulfi, Kulfi said you want to talk to me, I was dying to, Lovely got scared and thinks why is he doing this, may be testing me but he is wrong I am changed now and said stop Sikander, Kulfi baby go in, Sikander come with me, she won’t go anywhere, she saved my Amyra, she won’t leave this house.

Sikander said you are like your name Lovely, you want my mistake to stay with you, you are a goddess, Lovely said I don’t think so, all I know is Kulfi won’t go, Lovely thinks I am all good with Kulfi, how much more does he wants me to.

Kulfi rushed to Sikander and said I was waiting to talk to you , why didn’t you see me, why are you behaving this way, when you know the truth, I am dying, Sikander said my head is aching I have gone through an accident I need time to recover and left, Kulfi said Lovely is right I need to be patient.

Kulfi saw Sikander playing with Amyra and his friends, Amyra’s friend push her, Kulfi said no worries Baba is here he will manage the situation, Sikander walked to that boy and scared him, Kulfi became shocked seeing his behavior, Amyra was very happy seeing Sikander’s take, Sikander said Amyra if someone scares you, scare them more and Amyra said cool.

Kulfi dreamt of Sikander and a sunset point, she dreamt rushing to Sikander and him going missing, she found the batch and Sikander called her down the hill and she smiled but Sikander went missing again. She woke up and said Ma why am I having these weird dreams.

Sikander was in the balcony drinking, Kulfi saw it and pulled his bottle and said you are unwell and you drinking this, Sikander scolded her, lovely, Mohendar and Gunjan walked to them.

Sikander lied that Kulfi had a bad dream so I brought her here and Kulfi was confused, Mohendar asked kulfi if she is fine, Sikander said yes she is, Mohendar said come Kulfi let’s go. Lovely looked at Sikander and said I can smell it.

you were drinking why, Sikander said I know it’s dangerous I feel lonely, accident memories don’t let me live in peace and also you aren’t with me and he hugged lovely, he said I need you and Lovely became shock, Lovely said I am with you, don’t drink it’s not good, Sikander said I won’t do anything that you don’t like, Lovely said okay good night and left.

Sikander started drinking again. Kulfi was in her room and said why do I feel that there is something fishy, MA tell me something, I have to do something Ma, is he really my baba Sikander Gill or not.

Precap : Lovely asked Sikander why has he withdrawn so much cash. Sikander said I gave cash to Mohendar and Mohendar walked in…Read more

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