Kulfi Suspects The New Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 24 February 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 304


The episode started with Kulfi walking to Sikander with her friends and said you know them right, they are here to see you, Sikander smiled and called them by their names, he said I met you today after your victory, Kulfi said they are here to see your music room, Sikander said okay but I got one hour after that I have to go with Amyra.

Kulfi said I will get books for you. Rocket said to Sikander, they would have loved to hear him sing and felt bad for Sikander, Sikander said what do i do, it’s destiny, I am alive that’s good, chittu said let’s play an instrument together, Sikander said I haven’t practiced so you all play, Saraswati said we will play, you join us and began, Sikander unable to play instrument, Kulfi saw that and her suspicions grow, she said my father can forget everything but not music.

Sikander asked how did I play, the kids said very good, no one can play like you and clapped for him. Sikander said don’t make fun of me, I know I played very bad, rocket said no Sikander, Sikander said I am forgetting everything at least someone understand me, accident has taken away everything from me, my identity and started crying, rocket walked to Sikander and calmed him down, Kulfi walked in crying and wiped his tears, Kulfi hugged him and found his hug weird.
Sikander then left.

Rocket said I think you are misunderstanding, your baba is hurt, Kulfi said I don’t feel like he is my Baba, I know he is hurt but how can I tell you what I feel, I didn’t smell what I used to, rocket and Zinda said you need rest, you will know what is wrong, just think carefully on this.

Sikander said lovely I went to the market but the card was declined, Lovely said okay I will check. Lovely checked with the bank and said Sikander you have exceeded the credit limit, you have withdrawn lot of cash why is that, Sikander said it was needed, Mohendar and bhaiya needed it.

Mohendar then walked to them and Sikander became uneasy and said bhaiya a little while ago I gave you… return it to me, Mohendar said okay, Lovely said I will go check with the bank and left. Mohendar said Sikander you need ear phones urgently, Sikander said no keep it, actually I withdraw a little cash and Lovely got worried and so I told her it’s for you, please cooperate, Mohendar found it weird but said yes.

Kulfi walked to lovely, lovely asked what’s wrong, Kulfi said you might find me weird but still please tell me do you find Sikander weird too, lovely saw Sikander and Amyra playing and asked explain it, Kulfi said his behavior is changed, he doesn’t talk and I caught him drinking too, from the day he arrived I don’t see Sikander in him, Lovely said everything is fine don’t think of all this.

Sikander and Amyra were having ice cream, Sikander said I have forgotten many things and made Amyra tell him all the past things. Kulfi was listening, Sikander saw her and said come in and have some ice cream, Sikander said you two have ice cream then go play and he left.

Kulfi asked Amyra does she find Sikander weird, Amyra said it’s because of the accident, Kulfi said yes but it’s strange, Amyra said enough of it, he is my dad, you are strange, he has found that too, he loves me more.

Kulfi said I don’t mind that, how shall I explain to you, okay when you hug him or hold his hand don’t you fell strange, Amyra said enough of all this, you are mad, you saved me thank you for that but don’t steal my dad, get it.

Precap : Kulfi saw the hospital ID and said nana where are you.
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