Sikander Sets Jimmy On Fire. Little Singer Kulfi 24 May 2023 Wednesday Pt1: Episode 428


The episode began with Kulfi taking her coin and took blessing from Mahabalis. Raju called Sikander a video call and showed him what was going on, Sikander was very happy and said, they passed with flying colors, now I believe I can make you strong before I leave. Jimmy found out about where Sikander was recording and said, I have men plotted there already. He heard the song and said.

I never thought after what I did to him, he will ever record such a good song, this will be a record breaker and along with Mohsin, it will rock the charts. Now I will pirate this song all around the world and then before it is released, the profit will be mine and he will be bankrupt again.

Sandy remembered Sikander telling him Jimmy is rich because he steals good songs before they are released and pirates them and was to find out how he does that. Kulfi and Amyra thanked Sikander for the new dresses. Himmat praised them for their win and smartness. Sikander said, you two made me very proud today, now tell me, why did you go there without telling me, didn’t you need my help?

Kulfi responded, you asked us to be strong and fight our evils, so we were fighting the odds for the success, you taught us that you wouldn’t be around always so we had to find our ways. Sikander said, that very good.
Sandy was in Jimmy’s office alone trying to look for clues, he got a call from Sikander and told him that he can’t find any clues.

Sikander said, do something to make him believe that you will worship him. Sandy realized Jimmy was behind him and he paused. Sikander then told him, okay if it’s Jimmy behind you, start talking ill about me and Sandy started, listen to me, I will make that Sikander beg on the roads bye. Jimmy said, Sandy you won my heart today.
Kulfi invited Sikander for Pooja. Sandy praised Jimmy for his idea and asked, how do you do all this, I want to learn. Jimmy responded; I like you but never ask me about my business.

Pooja began at the Chawl and Sikander remembered the times when everything was good. He then thinks, may be this is my last Diwali and said to Himmat, Aunty let the kids light the Diyas. Himmat said, they may get burnt. Sikander said, allow them, let them learn through their mistake and experiences. Himmat said, it so good to see Sikander tech the girls to be independent.

Precap : Kulfi followed Sikander, she saw him light a place up and became surprised…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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