Kulfi Had A Tough Day At School. Little Singer Kulfi 24 November 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 172


The episode started with Kulfi entering the class, she tried to make friends with her classmates singing a song but no one entertained her and left her, Kulfi woke up and realized it was just a bad dream. She asked Tevar what will happen in school today, Tevar said new books,notebooks.

He then got a call for a meeting,he said I will come after 2 hours,the person said, sir needs to see you urgently,Tevar said I can’t, I have to take my daughter to school,Kulfi requested Tevar to go and he called Sikander. Sikander was with Amyra prepping her for school.

Tevar told Sikander his problem,Sikander said don’t worry, I will take her alone with us don’t worry, Sikander said Amyra come let’s get going quickly, we have to pick Kulfi as well, lovely asked why, Sikander said because her father is busy and left to get Amyra’s tiffin.lovely said did you see Amyra, how he is rushing you,your dad was never there for you but look how he is available for kulfi and you still think you won’t have to share your dad with her,Sikander walked in and said Amyra come baby, let’s go.

Sikander asked kulfi why is she so silent,Kulfi asked what happens on first day, Amyra said he doesn’t know because he wasn’t there for my first day and dad talk to her later, help me revise my lessons,Sikander said okay my girl and started revising. Tevar saw the contract and said DK as per talks with RK this isn’t done,DK said it’s revised.

Tevar asked why,he said because you are too busy with your daughter,Tevar said but that’s not affecting my singing,DK said the thing is, we don’t want your songs,Tevar said I signed a 5 year contract and so i went to no other producer,DK said now you can go, I shall help you with numbers.Tevar got angry and left.Dk called tony and said your work is done.

Sikander handed Kulfi her new books, Kulfi said I want to ask you something, the school bell rang and Sikander said later, now go, before that give me a hug, Kulfi hugged him and left hesitatingly, Sikander noticed that and thinks why is she so nervous, let me stay. Kulfi was walking to the class room and helped a classmate but they tease her for picking wrapper.Few guys wave at her,Kulfi replied with her name,they made fun of it and nicknamed her softy and left teasing. Amyra saw all that and felt bad for her.

Kulfi was even teased in her class, Kulfi opened the book and worshipped them,the kids thought she was smelling them and teased her. Ma’am entered and began with attendance,Kulfi had no idea what’s happening, she got confused and asked to open an English text book, the kids laughed at her,ma’am scolded her and punished her and asked her to get out.

kulfi walked out crying, Sikander saw her and rushed to her,Kulfi said Ma’am threw me out,I am not understanding what’s happening, the security asked Sikander to leave. Kulfi was in tears and looked at him. Sikander asked her to be calm and with a marker,he wrote on his white shirt and helped her, Kulfi said thank you I understood, see you after class.

Kulfi said sorry to ma’am and got into the class,ma’am asked her to note down things on the board,she gave kulfi a note for her father and asked everyone to come prepared with their homework the next day,before kulfi could note down,a classmate erased it and left,Kulfi said what will I do now.

Precap : Kulfi with tears told amyra and said ma’am said if I don’t catch up in 3 months, I will have to leave. Amyra told lovely about it,lovely said that’s great,Lovely said Kulfi’s dad will come to pick her up, let’s go…Read more

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