Tevar Loses His Job. Little Singer Kulfi 24 November 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 173


The episode started with Kulfi being worried about her homework while Lovely got smiling seeing Kulfi’s sadness. She didn’t listen to Kulfi and ignored her.

Kulfi waited for Tevar so that she gets help to finish her homework. Tevar got upset when he run out of work, he didn’t get any help from the music directors and became worried. Kulfi reached Amyra to take help for finishing her homework. Amyra wanted to help her but came in Lovely’s words and didn’t help Kulfi. She asked Kulfi to leave and not trouble her.

Amyra’s move brought Kulfi more closer to Sikandar, she seeked help from Sikandar. He helped her in finishing her homework, but then Amyra didn’t want Sikandar to be with Kulfi.

Sikandar helped Kulfi with her homework. Amyra became insecured again. Kulfi thanked Sikandar for the help and tried to finish the homework. She got the teacher’s note for Tevar, Tevar came home in a drunken state. He got angered feeling he has lost a big assignments,he didn’t expect his life to take a turn this way. Kulfi told him that she got a note from school for him and asked him if it’s her complaint.

He told her that it’s for him,he checked the fees structure but didn’t share his tensions with her. He asked her about her first day at school, she shared the day’s stories with him, while he fell asleep. She took care of Tevar. Sikandar placed Amyra to sleep and sat by her side. He thinks of talking to Kulfi so that she can adjust herself in the class. Sikandar called up Tevar and Kulfi to help them out. Kulfi failed to do her homework. The students made fun of her and didn’t help her.

The teacher scolded Kulfi for misbehaving in the class and not finishing the class. Kulfi cried when the teacher shouted on her. The teacher asked her to complete the course in few days of time, else she won’t be deserving the admission. She told Kulfi that the admission will be cancelled if this happens again. Kulfi run to Amyra and shared the sorrow. Amyra consoled her and felt bad for her

Amyra asked Kulfi to study well and not lose her focus. She told Kulfi that she has to help herself and manage everything. Amyra shared the upsetting news with Lovely but Lovely found it a good news. She told Amyra that very soon Kulfi will be out of her school and asked Amyra not to care for Kulfi. She took Amyra home and left Kulfi alone. Kulfi fell in a huge trouble when nobody turned up to pick her…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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