Sikander Learns Of Lovely’s Plan. Little Singer Kulfi 25 August 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 48


The episode started with Lovely consoling kulfi,kulfi said I didn’t go to fight,lovely said I know that and I will talk to Amyra about it but that doesn’t mean you will let our secret out.

kulfi said oh right our secret of me singing shouldn’t be out,lovely said yes not in sadness nor in happiness now stop crying, I am going you rest and remember it’s our secret.

Amyra said I am so angry mom I can’t handle that boy,lovely said yes baby, you need to control the anger but you were letting our secret out in your anger, do you want to, what if dad learns this way and gets angry and denys contract,you want that, Amyra said no mom and hugged her.

Roshan praised about the song to Sikander and said I am a fan of this song,and here’s the contract, see you soon for recording after rehearsal,Sikander said let’s record today I can,Roshan said I meant Amyra, didn’t lovely tell you,she was so good, I was in tears and I became her fan,Sikander then connected all the past episodes and lovely’s lies and became angry.

Kulfi was in tears and talked to Jonny about missing her family in the village,she said was Amyra right, does no one love me? jagira walked in and said that’s not true,kulfi said that’s wrong you shouldn’t hear our talks,it’s bad manners,jagira said me and Jonny are old friends,look you are not a bad boy and you can change your fate.

kulfi said fate is such a big thing how will I,he said with your hands and hard work,here is a phone call your village,kulfi looked at the mobile and said mama doesn’t have a phone,jagira said Some one must have anyways write a letter.

kulfi said I don’t know how to write because Mami never allowed me to go school,mama said when I meet my father, he will send me to school and he said I will write for you.

Jagira got a pen and a paper and asked what’s your mama name,kulfi said setu,jagira asked the address,kulfi remembered mama denying not to tell anything and said I can’t tell you,mama has asked me not to tell anyone,jagira said where will I send the letter then and why did mama say that but kulfi run out.

Amyra was practising singing,kulfi heard her and imitated, Amyra asked who is it,come in,kulfi said oh no lovely maam had asked me not to,kulfi walked in and said are you still angry, Amyra said good you came, I have forgiven you, let’s be friends again,kulfi said I have so many friends in village, we should make friends.

Amyra said I will teach you English and you speak it front of ma and she will love it. Amyra teached her words like stupid,donkey and idiot to kulfi and said go speak in front of mom.kulfi left and Amyra said what! you thought you will steal my dads love from me.

Sikander was driving in anger, stopped his car,got out and shouted. cutie said how will you convince kulfi to sing for Amyra,kulfi walked to cutie and said you idiot to greet her,cutie and lovely became shocked,cutie said how dare you, it’s your fault lovely, Amyra stood aside and started laughing.

kulfi said why are you angry, i just wanted to ask if you are fine,so are you stupid,cutie said is this what your parents taught you,lovely said mom wait,kulfi is saying something wrong,kulfi said oh I made a mistake I have to say sorry and said donkey,cutie slapped him and lovely said mom go away, he is a kid.

Lovely said shh,kulfi explained what she said,lovely asked who taught you all this,kulfi looked at Amyra and Amyra said come on mom, it’s so funny,lovely said quite Amyra,and kulfi never say these words and she run away.

Lovely took amyra with her and said she is a baby like you, why are you behaving like this, Amyra said why shouldn’t I,lovely said because he but she stopped and said just listen to what I say, stop this behaviour please and she left.

Lovely walked to Sikander and asked how was your meeting,Sikander said superb and he asked how is amyra,lovely said I know she is behaving childish but she will be fine.

Sikander said I know we shouldn’t lie to each other,lovely started panicking,Sikander said feel free to talk to me,tell me lovely and looked into her eyes,what’s your secret with Amyra.

Pre cap :
Sikander asked whose voice was that because Amyra can’t sing like that.
Kulfi was hiding near the pipes and singing and Sikander saw her…Read more

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