Sikander Suspects Kulfi Is Behind Amyra’s Voice. Little Singer Kulfi 25 August 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 49


The episode started with Lovely saying, why are you behaving like a kid,Sikander said just tell me,lovely said did anyone tell you anything,Sikander said Amyra come here,I learnt about your secrete dear, you sang last night right, Amyra said I didn’t want to lie, mom asked me to.

Sikander said it was a surprise to me, a big one,and I heard you sang well,so sing it again, Amyra then looked at lovely,Sikander said don’t look at her, sing,amyra then sang the song,Sikander said Amyra go play.

Lovely said Sikander look,Sikander said enough, how much will you lie, I very well know Amyra isn’t that capable,and so whose voice was it,my daughter had to do that,you insulted music.

Kulfi said I won’t talk to anyone, Amyra said she was my friend but fooled me, Amyra has everything and love,still she misbehaved with me,I don’t want to stay here the only reason I am here is my bag. Sikander said tell me whose voice is it,lovely said yes I lied.

because I want to see her as a star and what wrong happened if she used someone else’s voice, when will you help when all the world will go ahead of my daughter,Sikander said that’s not done this is wrong,we should teach Amyra to speak the truth,I am calling Roshan.

Lovely said you don’t care about your daughter, her dreams, so go and call,break her heart and she left,Sikander started drinking.

Lovely left with her dad for Roshan’s office before Sikander messes it,to sign Amyra’s contract. Setu was near Sikanders house and said he is a big man and me,but if my Nimo and her love was true he will help me find my kulfi.

Sikander was playing the piano and was very upset,kulfi was trying not to sing but heard the piano,she hid near the pipes and started singing and remembered the injustice done with her in Sikander’s house.

she missed her village and family. Sikander went to wash his face and heard the voice again,Sikander carefully listened and later came out to the balcony.
Sikander then saw kulfi upset standing in the balcony.

Lovely was with Minti and daddy,Roshan said I have a proposal, let’s arrange a duo,lovely said did you speak to Sikander about it,Roshan said I was,lovely said let’s keep a surprise for him,Roshan said cool, the last performance in Sikanders concert will be Amyra’s, I have a meeting but remember, the world is ours.

Daddy said lovely why are you upset, he is excited it’s a big day for Amyra,lovely said I am happy,daddy said I hope there isn’t anything else and I don’t want Sikander to create a scene.

lovely said dad bye, I have to leave with minti.
Minti said Amyra and singing,she increases my migraines,how is she gonna sing.

kulfi became scared seeing Sikander and slowly was leaving,Sikander asked were you singing now,kulfi then remembered lovely asking her to keep this as a secrete,Sikander said did you sing for Amyra,kulfi said no,Sikander held her hand said don’t lie,kulfi said I didn’t sing for Amyra.

Amyra saw kulfi and remembered all of lovely’s past episodes and said oh so it’s this dirty boy who sang for me,my mom dad and now my voice,I will never let him sing.

Pre cap:
Sikander said kulfi you know when I get more stressed I sing and my stress goes away,kulfi said me too and Sikander said then sing…Read more

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