Little Singer Kulfi 25 January 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 259


The episode started with Kulfi being confused about what should be done, she sat near Bhola and said Ama asked me to go home but what about the kids here, they think I will help them meet their families, if I stop I can’t meet my Baba also I can’t break their trust, I miss my Baba too, what should I do, she saw a ballon and Bhola tried to get it for her but it flew away, Kulfi said Bhola I am leaving take care of yourself and the other kids.

Sikander asked lovely where is Kulfi, lovely said please tell me where is Amyra, let me see her once, I will do anything, Sikander asked where is Kulfi, lovely said I will tell you everything but let me see Amyra, Sikander said this won’t work and left. Bhola tried to stop Kulfi but she said even I like you but I have to go to Baba.

why is everyone trying to stop me, I miss my baba like you do and walked away talking to herself, she felt very bad and prayed to god to give her some sign, she saw the door open and rushed out of it. Kulfi got out, saw Sikander’s poster and started smiling saying I found my sign.

Sikander placed Amyra’s picture in the room and said this will remind you how worst you are, he handed her bunch of notebooks and said write on each, I am the worst mother in the world, every notebooks gives you one minute to talk to Amyra, it should be readable and Lovely started writing.

Ama assembled everyone in the room and said I offered 186 to forget you all and go home and she did, she didn’t chose you but herself, you guys thought she is your friend, it’s stupid to trust, friendship is just in books, look she broke your trust, Kulfi rushed in and the kids became very happy.

Lovely was crying and finished one book, Sikander said don’t stop, who are you tell me, Lovely said the worst mother. Kulfi remembered a story narrated by Sikander where a princess went back to her castle to save monkey from the monster, Zinda said why did you come back, you wanted to go home.

Kulfi said yes I did but your family time was cancelled because of me,I will surely go to my dad and you won’t be able to see your parents because of me, I can’t let that happen, the kids happily hugged Kulfi, Kulfi wiped their tears while Ama was very angry.

Sikander took back the books from lovely and said you wrote two books, your time starts now, you have two minutes to see Amyra and lovely rushed to Amyra but Amyra was asleep, lovely whispered I am sorry baby, Sikander pulled her out and said time up, Lovely fell at his feet and said please let me see her for some more time, I beg of you.

Sikander said okay, you can but only when you give me kulfi’s address, lovely said no, Sikander didn’t allow lovely and said I would allow but since you said no you won’t get a second chance so easily.

Ama said kulfi I was testing you and you proved yourself, there will be family day, all cheers for kulfi and she thanked Ama, the kids were very happy and hugged each other. Sikander threw lovely back in the room and locked the room. Sikander was missing kulfi, he looked at Amyra and remembered the happy times when she was all well.

Bebe walked to Sikander and Sikander said I know you would ask why am I so harsh but trust me I want to trouble her to that extent that she will tell me where my Kulfi is and keep my babies away from that devil.

Bebe said Sikander I have no question for you, what you are doing is very correct, because of Lovely Amyra is bed ridden and kulfi is missing, I am sorry we hide the truth that kulfi is your daughter but I am proud you didn’t give up, what you are doing is very correct.

Sikander said, Bebe said wrong right, forget it, I will continue it till I feel me, Amyra and kulfi have found justice. Kulfi was sleeping said baba I miss you but I am doing it for my friends here, I know you would be very proud of me and she fell asleep. Amyra got an attack.

Precap : The Doctor told Sikander that they won’t be able to save Amyra and Amyra heard it. Kulfi and the other kids decided to run away…Read more

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