Little Singer Kulfi 25 July 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 1


LITTLE SINGER KULFI 1. The episode began with a song, a tractor carrying few men and one of them singing passing through the village.
Nimrat said maharaji please don’t sing songs dedicated to God and pass by my house,for gods sake stop it,maharaji said it’s music my child it can’t be stopped, try as much as you can it will reach your daughter.

A lady came shouting Nimrat what’s wrong,Nimrat said bhabhi I am trying to keep my kulfi away from music but these guys don’t understand,bhabhi said you don’t want music to reach your child but why stop us from listening to gods name, listen to me don’t stop kulfi from singing because the condition you have, you and your daughter will soon have to sing and beg on railways stations and you will earn good when kulfi the beggar will sing for you and started laughing,Nimrat was tears. Maharaji said Nimrat don’t worry your daughter is blessed, she will reach the stars.

A man came looking for kulfi,bhabhi said what kulfi,she left with you to distribute milk, meaning,she lying to me and became angry.

Kulfi was on the hills playing with sheeps,she heard song played from a car passing by and started dancin,she followed,she tried to stop the car and run behind it,a man in the car saw kulfi running towards the car and said stop,he then asked kulfi what’s wrong,kulfi said please stop or else I shall lie down and she lay beside the car,he said if you want to stop the car lay in front of the car,kulfi said no I won’t because there’s cow dung.

The man got down and asked what do you want,kulfi said I want to learn the song you were playing,when the car was slow I learned that section, play the remaining part I Will learn the rest,he said it took me 3 months to compose and you learnt in 3 minutes,kulfi said that’s so much nice right,he said liar, ok if you learnt come sing for us,kulfi said I won’t, why did you scold me,my cows sheeps and birds they don’t scold me,talk to me nicely and then I will,a lady said come on, sing for us girl we shall give you money,kulfi said why money.

I don’t want, i shall sing without it,he said she is truly an artist,why wont you take the money,kulfi said I do 4 things,one, I take love from mom,gets scolded from her,have good food and sing and I don’t charge for any of this,he said guys come let’s leave she is wasting our time.

Nimrat asked veerji where kulfi was,bhabhi said your hopeless girl must be where there are speakers,now tell me, will you wash these utensils or your husbands who ran away, he picked a stick and said how I shall get your daughter,veerji said nihalo stop but nimrat followed her,veerji said Nimrat you trust your brother right, as long as I am here, no one can touch kulfi,Nimrat asked why does kulfi get attracted to music why is she this way,veerji said like her father Sikander Singh Gil right?

Sinkander Singh Gil singing in a concert singing,Nimrat got flashes of the moment and controlled her emotions,she said don’t remind me of him and left.

Nimrat remembered following Sikanders car and said please do return. Nimrat was tears and veerji said Nimrat, the truth won’t change that Sikander the superstar,kulfi is his daughter,it’s his blood, his music in her,Nimrat said she has to get rid of it then because I am her mother and father and kulfi, won’t sing never, that’s my decision.

Kulfi started singing the song she heard and everyone stopped from entering the car,everyone around also stopped and listened to kulfi sing,nihalo walked to her with a stick and said you are here singing who shall wash the utensils,kulfi said uncle don’t forget me, I will see you in jagrata don’t forget to share the remaining song bye for now and she left with nihalo.
He said what a lovely voice she has.

Nihalo said you will sing come here,Nimrat come here,here is your daughter, she was singing on roads, you have last chance,you look after her because if I do that won’t be good. Nimrat held kulfi and dragged her inside and said I have warned so many times not to sing,Nimrat started coughing,kulfi handed her the stick and said you hit me with this I won’t cry I promise but don’t scold me,it will make you cough.

Nimrat said kulfi why don’t you understand,stop singing,kulfi said Ma I do try but it just comes out on it’s own and Nimrat hugged her. Nihalo said look at them,your sister is useless, first she spend night with that guy,got married and then no husband,now it her daughter. kulfi asked Ma what does she mean,veerji said kulfi we are getting late come let’s go distribute the milk.

Kulfi was running behind veerji and he asked why are you so slow,kulfi said I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday and veerji asked why? kulfi said I broke pickle jar so Mami didn’t give me food,veerji then gave her a mug of milk and she took it. She said mama what now, it will be less to distribute,Mama said close your eyes and it will be refilled,kulfi closed her eyes,veerji got water and poured it into it and said kulfi look,kulfi said wow magic,veerji said yes I can do magic, ask for anything,kulfi said can I have my dad?

Veerji freezed and asked what,kulfi said get me my dad. Nimrat walked to Nihalo and said bhabhi you can do anything with me but never abuse my love,what I had with Sikander was true love, Nihalo said true love,why didn’t he come back then,he didn’t even come back to see you or kulfi.

Kulfi said mama tell me where’s my father,Nimrat said he promised me but he forgot,his love wasn’t true but kulfi isn’t,it was my mistake to trust him but kulfi isn’t, Nihalo said then tell us and kulfi who her father is.kulfi said Mama atleast tell me who my father is and where he stays,Nimrat said bhabhi, for kulfi her Ma is enough she doesn’t need her father.

Kulfi said mama you and Ma never tell me about dad,please tell me. Veerji said how many times have your Ma told you she is your father and mother,kulfi said how is that possible,veerji said why not a father is someone who secures and protects you and who does that for you,kulfi said Ma,veerji said then she is your dad because she saves your from the world and kulfi nodded.

Kulfi said mama do you really don’t know where is Baba?

Precap: kulfi was climbing the stairs of a temple and said I got milk for matarani bathe. Panditji stopped kulfi from entering and said we have no idea who her dad is how do we allow her in. Sikander wished his daughter happy birthday…Read more