Kulfi Loses Her Voice. Little Singer Kulfi 26 August 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 51


The episode started with Kulfi trying to sing but saw her voice was ruined and was in tears,Sikander asked what’s wrong with your voice, Amyra said he sings this way,Sikander thinks this means kulfi didn’t sing the song and left.

kulfi was in trouble on how her voice got ruined and started crying, Amyra said don’t worry, mom will come call a doctor and then the doctor will cut your throat and she started laughing.

Sikander was practising for the concert,lovely and minti were there too,the organizers met lovely and said you are here but sir didn’t tell us about it,lovely said I am here to surprise him, anyways can you tell me where his sound engineer is and she went as directed.

Setu was at the concert hall looking for Sikander,Sikander left the hall too, looking for cyrus, his sound engineer.

Lovely said Cyrus I need your help,lovely then explained the whole situation,Cyrus said why this setup Sikander sir sings live always,lovely handed him money and said I don’t want more questions.

Sikander walked into Cyrus room and he hid the money,Sikander said come let’s go, we need you.
Lovely and minti were hiding and lovely signalled Cyrus to go.

Minti said lovely this is so dangerous,tomorrow when Sikander see Amyra sing… lovely said I want to see his reaction too.

Setu saw Sikander on stage but the guard stopped him and said the public isn’t allowed in,only workers,setu said I need a job, please help me.

Kulfi told jagira,my father is a big singer today but I don’t know his name,my mom didn’t tell me his name too and lovely walked in,kulfi went to hug her and said my throat is paining me and lovely said let me call the doctor.

The Doctor checked kulfi. Amyra said mom we were just playing,the doctor said he was scared and cried a lot and her vocal chords are a bit swollen,make her gargle and rest,lovely, asked will he be able to sing,the doctor said yes but after 2-3 days.

Lovely later asked can’t he sing now,the doctor said no his throat is very weak.lovely walked in and asked how is he,jagira said better than before,lovely said sing two lines to see if the medicines are working but kulfi said I can’t.

Lovely said kulfi here’s a gift for you, it’s an iPod, you said you learn new songs quickly,I have recorded one in this, come on try,kulfi tried the ear phones and said it’s ticklish.

lovely placed the earphones int kulfis earphones and said now you learn this song and we will go to the concert, there will be so many big singers,kulfi thinks, oh all big singers, it means my dad too will be there.

Kulfi said ok then by tonight I will learn the song and by morning will sing it too,lovely said very good. Gunjan saw lovely panick and walked to her,she asked is all good,lovely said said why, Gunjan said dinner,lovely said I will wait for Sikander, Gunjan asked,what of Amyra and kulfi,lovely said Amyra did but kulf,i i don’t know, please ask her.

Gunjan then went to kulfi.

Amyra said I won’t cheat, I promised dada,lovely started crying and said fine you just love him and not me,you choose him Too and not me,no one loves me, Amyra said no mom no,lovely said even though you sing so bad I wanted you to be a star.

I am a bad mom right, Amyra started crying,lovely said no baby,you have to trust your mom,just learn the lyrics as you did for the dinner party, Amyra said but the dirty boy, how will he sing.

Pre cap : Sikander arrived for the concert,the media asked him if his family is here, where is his wife and daughter for his biggest concert…Read more

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