Kulfi Is In Police Custody. Little Singer Kulfi 26 May 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 430


The episode began with Sikander seeing the Police, he was told that his daughter is in their custody and is required to come to the station. The Inspector started questioning Kulfi. He asked her, did you burn any fire cracker and by mistake it set the building on fire? Kulfi didn’t answer.

Jimmy went to meet Gangadhar Rao (Raju), he handed Ganadhar money and left. The Police investigated the warehouse fire and found out that it wasn’t an accident but was caused by someone. The inspector asked Kulfi, did you see anyone? Sandy checked the truck and said, the boxes are empty. Sikander rushed to Kulfi and asked, what’s wrong? The inspector responded; she was near the surya building when the fire broke out.

Sikander thinks, did she see me doing it? He said, maybe she was strolling around and there was a fare around too but anyway thank you for taking care of my daughter. The inspector asked Kulfi, did you follow your father, did you see him doing anything? Sikander responded, please I was home, don’t do this to her, I am taking her home now.

The inspector found something fishy and decided to keep an eye on Sikander.
Kulfi was still quiet while Sikander was also thinking about all the bad things he had done after finding out about his illness. Kulfi then began thinking about all the torturous things Sikander had been doing. They got home and Sikander said, Kulfi hear me out, what were you doing there, how did you get there?

Kalti and Jangya came to Kulfi and said, we didn’t see you at the Diwali fair last night. Kulfi responded, I was there, I was just behind you guys. She turned to Sikander and said, I was following them and I got lost. Kulfi then run away, locked herself in the room and asked, did what I saw true?
Raju called Sikander and informed him that the CD’s and money are with me and that their plan was successful.

Sikander said, that is good, come let’s go to our hideout. Kulfi remembered how happy Sikander was and what he had now turned into and said, what have you done to yourself, my father would never do bad to anyone, when did you turn so evil, are you not copping with the fact that we are no longer rich, what compelled you into burning a whole building, you broke my promise, my hero and my world, god please give me back those things.

She went near their old house said, this place has so many memories. The guard walked to her and said, it’s so good to see you, I met Sikander too, he just went upstairs and she rushed into the house. Sikander went in with Raju, he felt dizzy and Raju asked him to be careful.

He saw that inside the house was all the money and CDs that was seized from Jimmy by Raju, he went to see his music room. Kulfi came inside the house, saw Sikander with all the money and boxes and she was shocked.
Raju said, I am doing exactly what you say but where will it lead us because Jimmy has been informed that there is no Gangadhar Rao. Jimmy on the other hand thinks, who is this person that is behind me.

Sikander said, my only aim is to destroy Jimmy and get my things back, it is very important to me and for this I had to lie to Kulfi all the time, she will not understand why I am doing this, we will sell this pirated CDs now and earn black money, Jimmy snatched things from me but we will earn double, this is my path now, I don’t trust god anymore, good paths lead you nowhere, I will have to choose this path to reach the destiny I want to.
Kulfi was thinking about Sikander’s words and walked out in shock.

Precap : The inspector tricked Kulfi and said, many people died in that warehouse that day, we need to find the culprit, your father did it right?…Read more

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