Sikander Looks Into Tevar’s Gf Truth . Little Singer Kulfi 26 October 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 133


The episode started with Sikandar trying to know more about Tevar’s girlfriend but didn’t get to know more. Lovely prayed that her past doesn’t get known to Sikandar. She knew that Sikandar will leave her and Amyra if he learns that Kulfi is his daughter and became worried for Amyra. She regretted for her mistakes and alshe felt helpless.

Cutie asked her to make some sacrifice so that her prayers get answered and Lovely sacrificed food. She told Cutie that she will fast for days. Sikandar got help from the old man. He learnt about the place where Tevar used to work. He thanked the old man. Lovely avoided food. Sikandar came home with her favorite pastries. She asked him to give the pastries to Amyra. He told her about Tevar’s girlfriend Love. She reacted on hearing the name and asked if he called her.

Lovely was tensed. He told her that he will find Tevar’s girlfriend soon and prove that she didn’t give birth to Kulfi. Kulfi answered Amyra in English and surprised everyone.

Tevar was happy that Kulfi has become confident and bold. Kulfi got Amyra’s friends on her side. Lovely became helpless and hated Kulfi. Amyra told her that Kulfi got her insulted today and they got fed up with Kulfi. Tevar trained Kulfi for the Rangoli competition and played with colors. Tevar started crying on knowing her life’s struggles.

He couldn’t believe that Lovely had given up their daughter this way and made her suffer. He felt bad that he isn’t able to make a place in Kulfi’s heart. He wanted to hear her acceptance. He wished she calls him dad, Mohendar worried Lovely further.

Mohendar told her that Sikandar will soon find Tevar’s past and girlfriend, by which they can prove Tevar’s lie. Amyra asked Sikandar to become her game partner in the Rangoli competition. Lovely wanted Sikandar to stay back at home. Sikandar agreed to be with Amyra. Kulfi became sad that she was hurting Tevar by not calling him dad. She wished that she gives happiness to Tevar. Kulfi and Amyra took part in the Rangoli competition.

Kulfi wished that Sikandar’s prayers get fulfilled. She met Sikandar in the temple and surprised him by reading English alphabets. He became glad to know that Tevar has taught her English basics and he gained strength from her and promised to make her unite with her real father. Kulfi and Amyra competed in the Rangoli competition and Tevar found her very talented.

Kulfi wished to surprise him by calling him dad. Lovely shared her worries with Cutie. She told Cutie that she can’t keep fast, her mind isn’t working, she can’t solve the mess. Gunjan witnessed this and cried for Kulfi. Amyra got worried seeing Kulfi’s super Rangoli. She became jealous of Kulfi’s talents once again and tried to spoil Kulfi’s Rangoli.

Sikandar saw Amyra doing this misdeed. Tevar got angry on knowing that Amyra had done this and Amyra hid from him. Kulfi didn’t want anyone to punish Amyra. Sikandar taught a lesson to Amyra and ruined her hardwork as well. He ruined her Rangoli design and told her that he has seen how she ruined Kulfi’s Rangoli. He doesn’t want Amyra to cheat this way, Amyra became upset with him and he failed to fill values in her.

He wanted Lovely to explain right and wrong to Amyra. Kulfi won the competition. Tevar and Sikandar became happy for her, while Lovely consoled Amyra. Lovely learnt that Sikandar has gone out. She realized he is close to learning the truth. Kulfi got upset that she couldn’t participate in next game, as she doesn’t have her mom with her.

Amyra told her that she can’t snatch Lovely from her and asked Kulfi to remain a loser. Tevar wanted Lovely to participate with Kulfi. He promised Kulfi that he will get her mother. Tevar met Lovely and insisted her to participate with Kulfi but she refused. Sikandar found out that Lovely was Tevar’s girlfriend. He heard their conversation and became shocked. He couldn’t believe when Tevar called her Kulfi’s mother…Read more

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