Kulfi’s Father Takes Her Away. Little Singer Kulfi 26 September 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 91


The episode started with Kulfi being very happy and said i can’t believe it,tell me how he looks and where he stays,Amyra said when you see him then you can ask him, Kulfi said ok come let’s go inform everyone,Amyra said no no not now, wait let him come, Kulfi said i will get back with me bag.Tevar called Lovely and Lovely asked what all this, Tevar said you must have forgotten your promises but i haven’t, we will meet today like old days and hanged up the phone.

Kulfi saw a butterfly and chased it,it later stood still and it got on her hand, Sikander stood beside her and they both looked at it,the butterfly then flew away, Sikander said when butterfly comes to you it is said,she will bring happiness and so your bad times will end,now tell me where were you hiding, i needed to talk to you about something important, Kulfi said me too, ok let’s count till 3 and say it together,they both talked about Kulfi’s father.

Kulfi asked how do you know, Sikander said he spoke to me first,Kulfi said, you spoke to him as well, Sikander asked are you happy, Kulfi nodded yes but there are butterflies in my stomach, Sikander said oh i have the same feeling, Kulfi asked are you happy, Sikander said if you are happy then i also am. Kulfi started dancing and singing in happiness and made Sikander join her.

Amyra said Kulfi come lets play, Kulfi said my bag,Amyra said later and they both left, Sikander said it’s a great decision and informed Mohinder and Gunjan that Kulfi is happy about this.Amyra pointed Kulfi to a man, she went running to him and hugged him, Sikander said let me get Kulfi so you see the happiness on his face.

The man said i loved your mother nimrat a lot and know your mama setu too,Kulfi was in tears and looked at him and he hugged her.Rohan said Amyra how does he know about kulfi,Amyra said i told him,i heard it all on my robo toy,Rohan said wow Amyra good game.

Kulfi said baba let’s go meet Sikander sir and the others,look Lovely maam is here, Amyra said oh God mom and saw Sikander too and said oh God why, Rohan then walked to sikander and said we are playing hide and seek, Sikander saw Lovely, he followed her and called her out, Lovely was shocked and turned around.

Baba said you are good boy right, now we have to leave, come quickly, we will come back later see them,i promise and showed a cross,kulfi asked which God is this,baba said i will tell you later,a laundry boy saw kulfi talking to him.

Lovely said i am here to see Minti, Sikander said meet her later, i have important to talk to you about and took her along with him.Baba and kulfi then left too.

Kulfi asked is this our car,he said yes come sit and took her away,a pan seller saw him.Sikander and Lovely asked Amyra where Kulfi is, Amyra said he found his dad so he left, Sikander shouted who,Amyra said i don’t know, Sikander said God, he was talking about some other man,Kulfi was enjoying her car drive and sang.

Baba scolded her to get down and don’t bend over the window,Kulfi said scold me again please,baba asked what,Kulfi said ma use to scold me a lot even mami use too,i loved it when ma scolded me, you scolded me for the first time,i promise i will be your good boy.

Kulfi asked why aren’t you singing,please sing,baba said ok ok.

Pre cap: Baba said stay here i will get you water.Sikander was also looking for kulfi…Read more

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