Kulfi Finds Clue On Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 27 February 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 305


The episode started with Sikandar making faces and starring at himself in the mirror, Lovely saw him and found it weird and remembered kulfi saying, don’t you find him strange. Sikander said lovely I know you are behind me, I smelled you, you know when I gained conscious I was in so much pain, now my face is back I am so happy, the face my wife loves.

Lovely said I need to talk to you, Sikander said come sit, upset with me because I gave money to Mohendar, he called Lovely darling and said Mohendar begged me I couldn’t deny, Lovely said that’s not the matter, Sikander said I know this whole family is burden on you till when will we look after them, you are mine, Amyra and we three.

I will look for a good opportunity and ask him to go his way, trust me Lovely and hugged her, just forgive me, don’t get angry, Lovely thinks what’s wrong with me, is this is new test again, Lovely said no one is going it’s our house, we all are staying together, Sikander said you have so much love, I am lucky to have you and kissed her forehead.

Kulfi walked in and saw the ID card hanging and thinks about her dream. She met rocket and Zinda at holy hospital, Kulfi said thank you for coming here, she heard a kid talking about an uncle who played good music and asked who the uncle is, she followed and heard Sikander’s voice and said babas voice, she then followed the voice.

Sikander was walking in black jacket and glasses, he walked in a room and said I will keep getting money.

Kulfi followed the voice and said Sikander, the man turned around and asked yes, Kulfi asked who taught you this song, he said Bhola, Kulfi said can I see him, he said he is our patient and gets along with everyone too, come.

He showed kulfi Bhola room and Kulfi got in alone. Kulfi asked is your name Bhola, he said no, before me Bhola use to be here, he was discharged now. kulfi said okay, she saw a drawing of ice candy and said kulfi, she found a toy and asked whose is this.

Balwant offered kulfi an album, Mohendar said Sikander won’t allow, he doesn’t like kids working. Sikander came back home and met Balwant, he said I came to see you, met Mohendar? I am recording a new album I want Kulfi to record all the songs, please allow her, she is a winner too.

Sikander was at the dinner table and said I met Balwant, he was offering kulfi an album, I would usually say no but tell me something, Balwant is our guest how can we deny him, Sikander trick everyone in his talks, he said money doesn’t matter but an opportunity, we never know if we will get again, she will eat lot of blessings, Kulfi found it weird and strange.

Amyra, Lovely and Sikander were playing board games, Kulfi saw Sikander and said baba use to say me and Amyra should just practice singing and not for money and now he is asking me to sing for money, Sikander scared kulfi and Jonny started barking at him, Kulfi thinks, why is Jonny still barking at sikander, Sikander scolded Jonny and left. Kulfi calmed Jonny and she showed Jonny the drawing.

Precap : Some kid call Bhola, Bhola was on a cycle, he resembled Sikander…Read more

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