Real Sikander Is Found. Little Singer Kulfi 27 February 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 306


The episode started with Kulfi saying, god what are you trying to signal me on, please tell me, she read a note written on bhola’s toy but didn’t get it. Next morning, Jonny pulled bhola’s toy, Amyra saw it and said Jonny it’s a dirty toy get away from it,Jonny then barked at Amyra, Amyra asked left to throw it away.

Kulfi woke up and saw the toy missing and started looking for it, Kulfi asked Amyra did she see it, Amyra insulted her and left. Kulfi was in the garden upset about the toy missing and then said who is this Bhola and only way to find him was that toy and I missed that too, Ma please help me, she saw the toy in the garden and rushed to it.

Her friends decided to talk to and ask her not to doubt on Sikander and they will deny her when she comes with new plan, Kulfi walked to them and said read this and tell me what it says, we will go there, rocket said we have decided we won’t go with you because all you doing is wrong, your baba is with you, Kulfi said I know you aren’t able to understand me but my heart and my feelings tell me nothing is right, if you can’t support me I will help myself.

Rocket walked to Sikander, Sikander asked what, rocket said don’t feel bad and get angry but I am here to tell you something, Kulfi doesn’t think you are Sikander and told him the whole scenario, he said, am here because we are worried for her, she loves you but is worried for you, please don’t tell her I shared this with you.

Sikander said good boy, don’t worry all will be fine, rocket said okay and left. Sikander made a call to Balwant and said begin preparations for kulfi’s recordings and break the news Kulfi is all prepared and get as much work for her.

Kulfi reached the park and started asking for Pakhi and she shouted pakhi’s name. A boy walkd to her and said come with me, he said Pakhi is busy wait for her, Pakhi was solving kids problem, Kulfi smiled seeing all this. Pakhi said you are older then me, I help kids younger than me, why are you here.

Kulfi said I found this toy, so i came to return it, even I have lost something may be you have found it. Pakhi gave kulfi a toffee, kulfi asked do you know any Bhola, Pakhi got angry and said go now, we don’t know any and Kulfi left.

Pakhis friends said why did you lie, Pakhi said I met my Bhola after so long I won’t return him. Bhola sikander’s look alike was on a bicycle singing .

( sikander got out of the car after the accident all injured and hurt and called kulfi, this was why Kulfi felt him calling her at the accident location. Sikander fell off the hills and hits his head on a stone, so Kulfi felt weird when she touched the stone.)

Kids cheered for Bhola, Pakhi shouted at Bhola and asked him to hold the handles of the Bike and not perform any stunts.

Pre cap : Bhola was singing a song for Pakhi to calm her anger…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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