Little Singer Kulfi 27 January 2023, Friday Pt2: Episode 264


The episode started with Ama walking to the waiting room along with Rajan and Sikander, Sikander was about to get in, he got a call and left, Ama walked to the kids, Amyra asked Sikander to come back and hold her hand and be there for her all the time, Sikander asked Rohan to talk to Ama and look after the kids.

Ama told the kids soon they will be called on stage, Sikander sent snacks for the kids, Ama said stop starring, it’s not for you, it will spoil your stomach. Sikander thanked everyone for joining to celebrate Amyra’s 8th birthday party, lovely was very emotional and said I am very lucky to have a daughter and may she have my life, Mohendar walked in and Bebe asked him to calm himself.

Mohendar asked is this true, Bebe said she will be hurt to see enough this way, don’t make her feel it, Mohendar walked to Amyra and Amyra hugged him, Amyra asked why are you so late, it’s my last birthday, Mohendar said no, there are much more to come, we will fight away this illness, Amyra asked why are you crying, Mohendar said I met you after so long, Sikander said let’s cut the cake.

Amyra said dad like every year, I will blow off all the candles at once and my wish will be fulfilled, Sikander said okay, Amyra tried but had breathing problem, Sikander said we will do it together and lovely started crying, everyone wished Amyra happy birthday and became emotional, Bebe said Sikander have cake, Sikander said my Kulfi won’t be having, how will I. Ama said Rajan keep an eye on them, I will go check the stage.

Rajan said can I have snacks, Ama said okay and left. Rajan offered the kids snacks and they all had it happily, Rajan said I always wish to give you such delicious food but this job gives me money so I have to ill treat you, I’m sorry and the kids said, we understand you.

Mohendar said babe, I couldn’t find kulfi and this is happening to Amyra, Ama asked shall I call the kids, Sikander introduced lovely to Ama and Ama thinks, I find her voice so recognizing, she called Rajan asked him to get kids on the stage, Sikander addressed the guests and said we have kids here to perform a song specially on Amyra’s birthday. Rajan wished the kids all the best, Rohan asked do kids have problem with focused lights, Rajan said no anf rocket said kulfi good idea.

The Kids got on stage and rocket dimed the light, the kids took their positions and begin singing, Sikander thinks, why does that girl remind me of Kulfi, Kulfi also thinks, why do I feel like Baba is there in front of me, Amyra started having panic attack and Sikander left with her and the doctor, Kulfi started singing and Sikander heard her voice.

The Doctor started examining Amyra, sikander was missing kulfi and Kulfi was also missing Sikander, the doctor said she is just tired nothing serious, Amyra said dad the fun is outside, I can’t go, the doctor said let her but Amyra you have to sit calmly and not stress yourself, Amyra said promise and Sikander took her out.

The lights went off and come back again, Ama was shocked to see no one on the stage and Rajan asked her where the kids are.

Pre cap : Sikander was singing, Kulfi said baba is somewhere here, she saw Sikander sing and rushed to him…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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