Kulfi Father’s Identity Revealed. Little Singer Kulfi 27 July 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 6

LITTLE SINGER KULFI EPISODE 6. The episode started with Kulfi saying, Ma how long will it take you to cook, I am hungry. MA said have patience, you will get your food,kulfi heard her siblings say tables, she rushed to them and asked which song is this,he said these are tables I have to learn them before we go to jagrata,kulfi remembered the remaining song she wanted to learn that will be played in jagrata,her siblings then started fighting.

Kulfi said you guys are fighting because of mosquitoes, let me go and get repellent. Nihalo went to Nimrat and said a Mother keeps her daughter like princess, look you are here serving her like a beggar, Nimrat asked, what do you want, Nihalo said you have nothing to give me,go to the temple there’s a big pooja and Nimrat said this is suspicious.

Amiras servants and maids were recording reviews about how she will sing,amira said you gonna say it as my fans and not like my servants,lovely’s friend said lovely’s attitude is best just like a superstar but singing,lovely said don’t act over smart,and anyways now adays people see attitude and my amira has it.

Lovely walked to amira and asked why is my princess so upset and angry,Amira said I want videos for the internet and there’s so much pressure,lovely said shake it off,you will be a star tonight your,dada will manage it, you focus on singing.

Nimrat gave kulfi food,and said you won’t go to jagrata,kulfi said but tinda, bholi kaddu, are going. Nimrat said if they jump in a well, will you jump as well,kulfi said no instead I shall get a rope and save them quickly and Nimrat smiled. kulfi asked Ma shall I go and learn the song I left half learnt will learn that too, Nimrat said God this girl and made her stand with the cattle’s, she said I am going to perform aarti in the temple, you won’t cross this shed and if you do, there won’t be anyone worst than me and left, Nihalo saw it as Nimrat left, she became very happy and said now Nimrat is gone, where is the jagrata guy.

Kulfi talked with the cattle bilo and said even in ramayana sita Ma was put in the same situation and about me no worries kaddu will teach me but will he remember the song became he can’t wear his pants properly.

The Jagrata guy played the song,kulfi heard the song and said oh that’s my song and tried to find where it is playing,bhalaji(jagrata guy)took the tape recorder away, kulfi followed the song and left the shed but said stop please stop,the jagrata guys sat on a bicycle and left,kulfi followed them saying,stop, stop, let me learn the song, Nihalo said kulfi is gone, setu who was sleeping asked, where is kulfi where did she go, Nihalo said her eloped father took her away,setu said who sikander Singh Gil and woke up.

Nihalo said you know who kulfis father is? Setu said I was sleep talking, Nihalo said liar you knew right who was kulfis father, what else have you hidden from me, do you have more wives, is this house on kulfi,setu said I was sleep talking, Nihalo said tell me who sikander Singh Gil is, oh my God that singer, that superstar, and shouted tell me the truth.

Kulfi stopped,bhalaji said wait, she stopped, kulfi said I learned the whole song thank you and left. Setu asked where are you going, Nihalo said I will go and ask Nimrat about it,setu said for god’s sake don’t ever utter this name, Nihalo said oh God, kulfi is a superstar’s daughter and why is a superstars daughter living a beggars life and why did you hide this from me,setu said Nimrat didn’t want to,her self respect didn’t let her, Sikander left her after marriage, Nihalo said self respect, where was her self respect when she gave birth to his child.

Setu said I beg of you,swear on your children you won’t tell this truth to kulfi.bhalaji played sikanders song and said let’s see if you can learns a superstars song in one go,kulfi again followed them asking them to stop.

Nimrat got home and started looking for kulfi, Nihalo then stopped her,Nimrat said you did send her to jagrata right and went behind kulfi.
Kulfi said why did you stop the song, it is not finished yet,let me learn it full,if I don’t learn the full song I get restless and spoil all my work,bhala said I will play your song and want you to sing in return for me,and I will also give you sikander Singh Gol’s whole CD,kulfi said done and was about to sing,bhala said not here, inside on a stage.

Kulfi was taken on stage and the crowd was already reacting due to late programme,the spot light were on kulfi.

Precap: The Crowd said what will this little girl sing.
Lovely said come on Sikander introduce my baby Amira to the industry so that the most famous director and composer chooses her…Read more

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