Mohendar Snatches Kulfi From Sikander. Little Singer Kulfi 27 March 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 345


The episode began with Mohendar saying to kulfi, I am your father from today, I will do everything a father has to do as I have done for Sikander, I made him Sikander Singh Gill and will make you a superstar, if I don’t I will give up my music, Kulfi and Sikander became shocked. Amyra was there and saw all what was going on.

Amyra said, mom this is best, dad has to come to me now, uncle himself called kulfi his daughter so I am dads only daughter. Lovely said, Amyra everything is very complicated now. Amyra said, send Kulfi away again, show your magic again.

Mohendar asked Gunjan not to accept anything from Sikander. Gunjan responded, I will support you but… Mohendar cuts in and said, I can’t let Kulfi suffer anymore and not her talent as well. Gunjan thinks, I guess he is right and the poor girl needs us. She then asked, but the girls were launched together?

Lovely said, Amyra you are Sikander’s only daughter right, now stop thinking of all this. Amyra saw Sikander and called him. Sikander asked, what do you get by doing this things, how many times do I have to explain to you, you blackmailed me, promise me you will never do all this. Amyra thinks, don’t do anything dad, you have done what I wanted you to.

Kulfi was asleep with Mohendar and Gunjan, Sikander got her out quietly, Kulfi then hugged Sikander. Sikander said, I am sorry I hurt you, everything changes in a day but don’t be scared, you are my lioness. Kulfi asked, is it true that you are no more my baba? Sikander replied, I am your only father. Kulfi asked, what about uncle? Sikander replied because he loves us, I hurt you two so he is giving me punishment for my mistake but I can’t lose you, don’t worry I will convince uncle, they both then fell asleep.

Sikander heard some noise and went out, he saw Mohendar talking to the media. Mohendar said, kulfi is my daughter, her uncle has done a lot for her, it her father’s time now, I feel Kulfi may get lost under Sikander’s stardom and popularity and so my daughter kulfi will sing alone. The media asked, does Sikander do partiality between his daughter and yours, that’s why this decision? Mohendar got kulfi on the media.

The media saw Sikander and asked, what’s his plan for Amyra? Amyra and lovely saw the media and the helpless Sikander. Lovely asked Sikander, why did you kept quiet, you didn’t say he should launch amyra too? Sikander replied, what’s wrong with you, they both are my daughters, what’s we and them. Lovely said, open your eyes, this house is divided.

Sikander said to lovely, I made the announcement because I was helpless, Amyra did wrong, she missed my love, she has crossed all limits, I had promised kulfi to give her, her rights but in this house, Amyra has to accept Kulfi is my daughter.

Lovely said, I believe and I won’t take anything away from kulfi, you know that Amyra is lonely, if you have to choose kulfi, then I have to choose Amyra because she is alone. Sikander said, I said that in anger but both are mine, I can’t choose any, as far as reality goes, I will make sure that there’s no difference in the girls, kulfi will get her rights.

Gunjan said, kulfi, Bebe always said there was good waiting for me but I didn’t know it would be this good. Mohendar and Gunjan said, please trust us, we will never let you down and Kulfi became confused.

Mohendar saw Sikander and said, all your dreams were never fulfilled because someone couldn’t fulfill them but I will. Sikander said, you can’t separate my daughters. Mohendar said, you have lost her when you didn’t give her your name. He refused to allow Sikander go near Kulfi.

Precap : Mohendar said, kulfi you have to move on, Sikander is pulling you back, just focus on music, let’s go…Read more

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