Sikander Loses Rights On Kulfi. Little Singer Kulfi 27 March 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 346


The episode began with Mohendar telling Sikander that he has lost all rights over Kulfi and pushed him away. Mohendar said, kulfi I have sworn to keep you happy and make you a superstar, if not I will have to give away music and I need your help with that, focus on music and not Sikander, stay away from him, he then took her away. Sikander said, she is my daughter and nothing can change that, I will keep both daughters together, I won’t give up.

Mia asked Jimmy to give her some time to figure things about the confusion. Mia looked at the show and said, Sikander will spoil my planning. Vikram said, this is what he always does. Mohendar said kulfi, it’s difficult to you as it’s for me too, please trust me, I’m your Baba. Gunjan said, call him your baba. Kulfi said, I love you both and trust you too but this is not happening from me. Sikander was listening to them.

Gunjan said, no worries, time will change things. Kulfi thinks, how will time change things, I finally found my baba. Sikander then came to them and Gunjan left with Kulfi. Sikander said to Mohendar, please don’t do this to me, I am your brother, if you behave this way, this house will break. Mohendar said, I have sworn to my daughter kulfi and I won’t break my promise.

Vikram walked in, hugged Sikander and said, I will train kulfi now. Mohendar called kulfi out and Kulfi said, I know him from music school. Mohendar said, he is your new teacher. Kulfi said, no my guru is my Baba and Vikram asked, meaning? Mohendar said she is my daughter, Kulfi listen to me and do as I say, I am doing this for you.

Kulfi said, but I have always seen him as my guru. Sikander said, please don’t do this to her. Mohendar said, kulfi is my love and dream, that’s the punishment for you, you remember my promise right, I will have to give my music up. Kulfi thinks, I had taken him as my father and guru even before I knew the truth, what will I do now.

Vikram said, Sikander it so sad, everything has gone away from you in a snap. Mohendar asked kulfi to take her guru’s blessings. kulfi took Vikram’s blessings and thinks, whatever may happen my guru will always be my Baba.

Vikram said to kulfi, all my students are superstars, so do as I say but before we begin, let me understand what music means to you. Kulfi said, I like music the most. Vikram said, kulfi this is not done, we want fame, money, you can’t sing anywhere, if you want all this then do as I say. Kulfi said, I don’t want fame and money, I didn’t say no to uncle because I love him, I love music, I don’t want to sing for money.

Vikram said, then no one will know you. Kulfi said, I don’t sing for others, I sing for myself and for my peace. Vikram said, kulfi why don’t you understand there’s no connection between singing and peace, leave all these thoughts, if you want to go ahead in this industry, be strong, think by brains and not heart, grab opportunities, from today you will sing only when I will ask you to, you need grooming and a new look.

Gunjan said kulfi, look I made all your favorite dishes. Kulfi saw Sikander upset. Mohendar said, I will feed her myself. Amyra saw Sikander looking at Kulfi and said, dad you didn’t taste this, have it. Kulfi said I am satisfied, I feel sleepy and she left. Sikander also said, I am done too.

Sikander was with Amyra and saw she was asleep, he slowly sneaked to kulfi’s room, he stood outside and said even I, am hungry. Kulfi opened the door and they both walked to kitchen and Sikander hugged her.

Precap : Vikram yelled at Sikander and said, first prove to your family and then come to me. Sikander told Mohendar that Vikram isn’t good for kulfi. Mohendar said, you are saying all this because you are scared of kulfi’s success…Read more

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