Sikander Catches Lovely & Tevar Together. Little Singer Kulfi 27 October 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 134


The episode started with Amyra saying i will make my dad proud and you will be a loser,you can never win from me and you don’t have your mom too because she is dead,Kulfi felt bad and run away, she was crying and missing nimrat. Tevar walked in and saw kulfi hiding beneath the dining table crying, Tevar said don’t cry tell me,Kulfi said because of you, my mom died, you left her, Amyra is right, I can never win over her.

lovely walked to Sikander seeing mohendar and him talk, Sikander said it good you stopped me, the factory is shut today, Lovely said look now, go and talk to Amyra, she is upset. Sikander left and Mohendar said do anything you wish to, kulfi will be back to her baba.

Tevar said you don’t need to cry for this, do you know whose daughter you are, Kulfi said Nimrat’s,Tevar said and mine too, i am mahadev bhagat, he then told her story a about how Ganesh ji git elephant face and said if mahadev can be there for his face even i can,Kulfi said can you get my mother,Tevar said yes i can by magic, Kulfi said even mama use to say he would get my father by magic but he never did. Tevar said but i will and hugged her

Lovely said thank you God for saving me, i will donote money but just don’t get Kulfi back to my house. Lovely said Tevar, i can’t talk to you, I have family and a daughter, why don’t you understand.Tevar said kulfi is your daughter too and you never show any concern for her.

today she is crying for her mother because she thinks she is dead and now if you dont participate with her even i wont let you participate with amyra, Lovely said guddu, i won’t do anything. Sikander said i heard lovely,why did she say guddu and walked to lovely and asked where is that guddu, what did he ask you to do.

Mohendar said if lovely called Tevar guudu, it means she knows him and so i need to find clues and started looking for them in Sikander’s room. He found an old box and Ganesh idol in it, and also an old college album,Cutie walked inside the room. Lovely told her that Tevar was forcing her to participate with kulfi, so she got angry. Mohendar was hiding behind the bed. Cutie thinks Amyra messed with the room.

Cutie dropped her lipstick and started looking for it, Mohendar then pushed it purposely. Cutie arranged the whole room and left. Mohendar started looking for the album again but didn’t find it. Sikander asked why did you call him guddu, did you know everything, lovely said you told me about it so it slipped it from my mouth, Sikander asked what was his reaction, lovely said he was angry and he didn’t react and left, Sikander said you were from ip College, so was he.

Cutie left with the album and said stupid girl good i found it before someone else did, or else her whole lie would be caught. Mohendar said I think it had the clue to what lovely is hiding from Sikander, how much which will these people hide. Lovely said i havent seen him and why get angry at me, Sikander said i am not doubting you, lovely said you think i have done everything, Sikander said i am sorry dear, i wasn’t thinking, i am just… he hugged her and said i will find it my way, you just calm down, i am sorry, now come let’s talk to Amyra.

Tevar saw kulfi playing with her friends and singing. Sikander walked to Amyra and gave her a gift,Amyra said this can’t change my mood, Sikander said no it won’t but just open it, what i did was to teach you honesty honesty helps you give 100% and you will win always,Amyra said if i give 100% and still loose how will you feel, Sikander said i will be proud you did good and best, Amyra hugged him and said dad i am sorry, i promise i will give 100%.

Gunjan was in her room trying to get a glass of water but she dropped it, lovely was passing by went to check and asked how did it fall, is it that you can move,are you doing it on purpose,you know i am doing this for my daughter, i didn’t hurt you on purpose, you aren’t a mother so you would never understand my pain,this truth can never come out because that will hurt my daughter and was about to leave seeing Sikander and Amyra.

Sikander asked is all good, Lovely said yes all is good let’s go,Amyra said mom i want to talk to you and they all left.kulfi was running around and said ma will be back,he met Sikander and Sikander asked what were you singing,Kulfi said i know it’s unbelievable but Tevar sir said he will get my mother and we will participate in the competition. Sikandar said wow, Kulfi said but I can’t do anything for him, i want to call him dad but i can’t it doesn’t come by heart i am such a bad kid.

Sikander hugged her and said you are my good kid,Kulfi said then why am i not able to call him baba.Sikander said when you sing it comes through your heart and similarly when you will love your father you will call him baba, Kulfi looked at Sikander and said baba,okay, Sikander said till then take it easy.kulfi kissed Sikander and left. Sikander said this girl has so many hopes that her mom will return.

Everyone gathered for the competition, lovely and Amyra participated as a team, Sikander looked around for kulfi,kulfi was excited and waiting, Amyra said i heard about your ma, are you stupid, your ma won’t come,kulfi narrated to her the ganesha story,Amyra said you are stupid, everyone just fools you.

Tevar walked to them in nimrats outfit and they all were shocked, Tevar said your ma was your mother and father so now your baba will be your father and mother, Kulfi hugged him and said you are just like my ma.

Precap : The competition began. Sikander went to meet a jeweler to find out about Tevar…Read more

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