Kulfi Gets Kídnápp3d. Little Singer Kulfi 27 September 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 92


The episode started with Kulfi asking baba wont you sing,please sing,he said yes yes and he sang, Kulfi thinks Ma said he sings well but he is so bad. The watchman told Sikander i did see Kulfi but he went happily so i didn’t stop,Amyra said see, he went happily,it means that his father.

Lovely said why weren’t we informed, Dadi heard this,she fainted and started crying saying i want my baby back, Kulfi said my Ma loved your voice but you sing so bad,baba said I have cold, Kulfi told him about her helium inhaled story and now Sikander sir is my fan, what song did you sing for ma,Baba said i forgot,Kulfi said i remember all my songs, please i need some water and took his bottle .

Sikander called Jagira and said why didn’t you tell us Kulfi’s father is going to come,Jagira said no one is going to come, Sikander said call his father come on,Jagira said i don’t know who his baba is, i lied to you all,i know nothing about him,i found him in difficulty and he was lonely at the station, he was so innocent and that’s why i got him but sir please get him,Gunjan scolded Jagira for lying and said we were going to adopt an unknown kid,where did you find him, Mohinder said later we need to find him quickly.

Sikander said where must he have gone, the watchman said they went this way,Lovely got a message from Tevar that he is waiting,Lovely asked everyone to go upstairs.Baba said Kulfi not from this bottle okay, Kulfi said okay,will you educate me and take me too school,he said yes i will, Kulfi said i want water,he said okay stay here i will get water and he left, Kulfi said, when I show mami this car, she will go crazy.

Lovely went to Tevar and saw a table arranged and said you knew i will come,Tevar said i had hopes and this hopes kept me alive so many days,Lovely said quickly speak up right now, I am tensed and in hurry,Tevar walked to Lovely, touched her and made her sit and sat in front of her.

Sikander and Mohinder asked around and find out that Kulfi left with a man in a white ambassador, Mohinder and Sikander went in the opposite directions looking for Kulfi.Tevar said sweets help you calm, have a bite.Lovely said I am really sorry i had no guts to face you.

Tevar said don’t cry love,at that time i could give you nothing and wanted to be capable of you but today i can,Lovely said this can’t happen, it’s just a dream, Sikander is my husband and Amyra my daughter,Tevar said you just come back,i will love Amyra the most.

Sikander reached the place where Kulfi was and started looking for her, Kulfi got down the car and Sikander dashed on baba,baba left, got in the car with Kulfi. Mohinder called Sikander and said he didn’t find Kulfi.Kulfi had hiccups and said i guess Sikander sir is missing me. Sikander on call said to Mohinder that i know that man isn’t his father because i am very scared, let me call lovely and see what’s happening there.

Tevar said look, i know you aren’t happy, Minti has told me everything but so what, every marriage isn’t for love,look at Sikander, for you is Amyras father and so you are there in marriage but please take the decision from your heart, Sikander kept calling Lovely, Tevar said answer his call, i won’t mind.

Sikander said what’s wrong with you,where are you,anyways i am coming home, call me if he comes home,Tevar said go Lovely but do think, is Sikander actually what you looking for and Lovely left

precap :
Mohinder said we have to inform the police.Kulfi saw many locks on the door and asked why so many,he said so that you don’t run…Read more

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