Kulfi Arrives In Her Father’s House. Little Singer Kulfi 27 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 93


The episode started with David seeing a church and prayed. Kulfi asked him why is he praying. David said he is Christian. Kulfi said that her mother did not say many things about him. Kulfi was impressed with David. David and Kulfi reached his house and Kulfi became very happy reaching her own house. Sikandar returned home.

Sikandar’s mother was heartbroken as he came back empty handed. Kulfi saw that David had 4 locks on the house door. David said that he has kept them so that he doesn’t run away. Kulfi entered the house and saw darkness around. Sikandar screamed at Lovely and they got into an argument.

Mohender asked them not to fight and inform the police instead. Sikandar’s mother cried a lot for Kulfi. Mohender asked Sikandar to contact his police friend. David called Kulfi as Joshua and said that from now on his name will be Joshua and Kulfi agreed.

Kulfi said that he will decorate the house. Kulfi tried to enter a room but David forbids him. Amayra told Lovely all the truth about what she has done. Lovely told Amayra that she has done a wrong thing as Kulfi can be in trouble.

Kulfi started a new life with David
Lovely asked Amayra not to tell anyone what she had done. David made paratha for Kulfi and fed her, Kulfi then remembered her mother. Kulfi insisted that David sing a song but he refused. The Police inspector interrogated Amayra and her friends about how Kulfi went missing while playing with them.

The Police inspector asked Amayra why she didn’t go to see the man with whom Kulfi went. Lovely and Sikandar asked the inspector why she is spending so much time interrogating the kids. The Inspector then scolded Sikandar and asked Sikandar’s mother why she is so sad about Kulfi going away. Sikandar’s mother said he is her grandson.

Sikandar explained that Mohender was planning to adopt Kulfi. The Inspector said that they cannot consider the case as a kidnap till they get a kidnap call. Lovely showed a picture of Kulfi to the police and the police noticed the look of despair on Kulfi. Kulfi was asleep and David got his wife in a wheelchair to see her. Kulfi once again dreamt of Sikandar as her father.

Kulfi woke up and scolded herself for having such a dream. Kulfi prayed to Jesus not to make Sikandar come in his dream as his father. She thinks that she could not meet anyone before leaving. Sikandar was completely shattered. Lovely asked him why he is crying so much as though he is his own son. Sikandar said that he feels a piece of his heart is snatched.

Sikandar thinks about who had spoken to that man. Sikandar suddenly realized about Amayra and called out to her…Read more

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