Kulfi Learns The Truth About Sikander Being Bola. Little Singer Kulfi 28 February 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 308


The episode started with Bhola playing with the kids, Pakhi pointed at the landlord and said he will now come home ask mummy for money, she doesn’t have , she will cry and beg him to help, I don’t want that.

Bhola and Pakhi then pranked the landlord. Kulfi was thinking about how she will get to Pakhi and said god are my friends right, is there no relation between Bhola and baba, Kulfi saw two identical twins named Sikander and Bhola and said thank you god for helping me and please help me find him now.

Landlord met Nandini and told her about the prank and was very angry, Nandini apologized and said promise they shall never do it, he said my 3 months’ rent is pending plus this, Nandini said I will clear all the dues promise, he said I know a medical intern doesn’t earn much plus your husband and daughter, you also, your won’t be needing a husband, he is useless, Bhola got angry but Pakhi calmed him down, he said see you next week then.

Nandini scolded Bhola and Pakhi, Pakhi made excuse and run away, Nandini then scolded Bhola, Bhola said he is bad man, looks weirdly at you, I don’t like him, Nandini said okay go have food, go wash your hands. Amyra rushed to Lovely and said dad and me went to the mall, he bought me this, look at this iPad.

I like this dad more than the before. Nandini saw the grocery was out of stock in the house, she managed parathas and pickles for Pakhi and Bhola. Bhola asked won’t you eat, Nandini said I had it long back. Lovely asked what, Amyra said dad use to be so confused between me and Kulfi, but now he doesn’t say no to me and just concentrate on me.

Kulfi reached home, Sikander called her and asked her where she was all the day, Kulfi lied said I was with my friends, Sikander started laughing and Kulfi became scared, Sikander said remember to inform me before going anywhere, I know you are upset with me but I will look after you too now from today, come with me.

Sikander said kulfi you have to make me proud, start singing, you haven’t practiced too for so long, I can’t sing, forgotten music but can understand so start right away, Kulfi started singing, Sikander said another song, Kulfi was in tears with Sikander’s behavior, Sikander made her sing and sing.

Kulfi looked at Sikander’s pictures and missed him. Sikander said you sing all emotional song, now sing something exciting and Kulfi sung, Sikander said you need to work hard, kulfis throat started aching and she stopped, Sikander scolded her and said this won’t work, you are my daughter don’t focus on pain it will get better, start singing, get ready at 6, early tomorrow we will rehearse.

Pre cap : Bhola saw kulfi as an angel and woke up saying angle stop please…Read more

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