Amyra Disgraces Sikanda. Little Singer Kulfi 28 July 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 8


The episode started with cutie handing sikander the mic,sikander looked at Amyra’s excited face and addressed the guests, he welcomed the guests and said today my daughter Amyra shall sing in front of you all and as a father I am scared and I request you all to hear the song and not to come to a decision too soon,she is a little kid learning to connect with the roots.

Amyra got on the stage,roshan said sikander there’s so much humanity in you and I am sure Amyra will sing very well after all it’s in her blood.kulfi started singing while Nimrat suffered from coughing. Nihalo held nimrat and took her out of the pandal,Nimrat fainted and Nihalo said stop acting Nimrat,setu got to the venue and saw nimrat. Nihalo asked him to lift her up.

The audience loved kulfi,they all praised kulfi,bhala praised her too and said you will grace your parents,a man said, for that she needs to know who her father is. Roshan said come on sikander don’t be nervous,she will be great, she is your daughter, just take it that I have signed her as singer. lovely, this silver coin, take it as singing amount, Amyra said shall I sing now,lovely nodded no from there, Amyra stopped and lovely said sorry kids, let’s enjoy her performance.

Amyra began her performance and Sikander closed his eyes,Roshan became surprised,the guests got annoyed too,sikander went and got himself drunk,a friend said lovely Amyra can’t sing,she is very bad,lovely said shut up, your ears are bad, my daughter sings so well,the guests started commenting on how bad she is, Sikander broke the glass and Amyra then stopped her song.

A man said she has no name what name will she make,kulfi said I do it’s kulfi,he said what matters is your fathers name, tell us who your father is. Sikander said enough Amyra don’t embarrass me anymore,Amyra said you destroyed my life and left crying.

Lovely walked to Sikander and said look what you did,Sikander said it’s your fault, I told you Amyra isn’t ready, she is weak but your stubbornness,me, my daughter and my music you made fun of everything and he left.

Kulfi said Nimrat Kaur my mother is my father and my mother,bhala said say your fathers name,he said even her mother doesn’t know, what will she know,kulfi said i dare you to say a word against my mother,he said your mother is a bad women and so you don’t know your fathers name. They all made fun of kulfi and she run away.

Roshan said lovely, I am sorry I need my coin back,your coin is a fake one,lovely gave it back hurt. Lovely became very angry.

The Doctor examined nimrat and said her health is very bad and the illness has taken all over her. If we don’t treat her now it would be difficult to save her life. Nihalo thinks, I wish she dies early and then I can use kulfi and her singing talent and get rich.

Kulfi got home and asked the doctor, uncle what’s wrong with my mother, Nihalo said see you soon and asked kulfi did she sing well,kulfi said yes I did, Nimrat walked out,kulfi asked ma what’s wrong, Nimrat said I am just a little unwell,kulfi said you lying to me and started crying, Nimrat asked why are you crying,kulfi asked who is my Baba.

Bhaiya said sikander, why did you break Amyra’s heart, Sikander said leave me alone, if I had to, I would have left you when you were a kid,Bhaiya was about to leave, lovely walked in and shouted how dare you insult my daughter,my father made you a star, Sikander said Bhaiya leave,lovely said if you insult my daughter the world will too, Sikander said Bhaiya I asked you to leave,lovely slapped him and he thinks, this is why I wanted you to leave,she will insult me but pain you will feel.

Nimrat asked what happened,kulfi told her what happened at the jagrata,kulfi said if I knew my fathers name, I would fight with all of them but I don’t know,everybody has a father, i want to know if he is alive but Nimrat stopped her.

Pre cap : Nimrat said kulfi I can’t see you in tears and upse, so tomorrow I shall tell you about your father…Read more

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