Amyra To Reveal The Secret To Sikander? Little Singer Kulfi 28 November 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 177


The Episode started with Amyra telling Sikandar that he loves Kulfi as much as he loves her. She told Sikandar that Kulfi saw him as her father in her dream and he told her to think of him as her father. Sikandar then asked Amyra why she is so angry with Kulfi as they are friends, he asked, what has led her to hate Kulfi. Amyra said that earlier she did not know the truth. Sikandar asked what truth.

Lovely tried to intervene but Sikandar asked her to shut up. Tevar made Kulfi study. Later, Kulfi saw Tevar sleeping and said that Tevar may not be her real father but he is the best father for her. Amyra asked Sikandar to go away. Sikandar got angry with Amyra and said that he will not speak with her till she apologizes to him for her behaviour. Sikandar’s mother tried to pacify him but Sikandar said that Amyra is becoming increasingly rude with him.

Later, Sikandar went to meet Kulfi but she was asleep. He then thinks, she must have fallen asleep waiting for him and looked at Kulfi lovingly. Kulfi went to her school and her teacher began her test, Kulfi was unable to answer and the teacher threw her out of the school. She woke up from her sleep and realized it was a dream. Masterji asked Kulfi if she is fine, she said she needed to study and looked for her books. Masterji said that Sikandar had come the previous night and kept away her books.

Kulfi prepared for school. Sikandar went to Amayra’s room and asked her to hurry up as Kulfi is waiting. Amyra told him that he is still worried for Kulfi. Lovely came there and Amyra asked her to drop her to school as Sikandar is in a hurry. Sikandar asked Lovely not to encourage Amyra’s bad behaviour. Lovely said that she is giving Amyra the love that she deserves. Sikandar walked away, Lovely went after him and asked him why he is being so harsh with Amyra.

She told Sikandar that he is behaving differently with Amyra as he knows that she is not his daughter. Lovely then warned Sikandar not to behave badly with her daughter. Sikandar also warned Lovely that she doesn’t know what he will do. Amyra asked Lovely why Sikandar is behaving badly with her.

Lovely asked her to follow her orders and make Sikandar realize that everything is his fault. Amyra told Lovely that she will do whatever she said. Tevar went to DK’s office with his new song.

DK called up Chadda and asked him what to do. Chadda asked DK to buy Tevar’s song. Sikandar took Kulfi to school. Kulfi said that she is scared for the test and refused to get out of the car. Sikandar asked Kulfi to remember her mother, he asked her to learn her studies with her heart and then she will not forget anything.

DK offered Tevar 1.5 lacs for his song. Tevar said it is less but accepted the money as he has to pay for Kulfi’s fees. Sikandar assured Kulfi she will do well in her test, he then hugged Kulfi, Amyra saw them and became jealous.

Precap: Kulfi’s test began. Sikandar got a call from school to meet the principal. Sikandar and Lovely met the principal along with Kulfi and Amyra, the Principal said she has to discuss something very important with them…Read more

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