Kulfi Realizes David Is Not Her Father. Little Singer Kulfi 28 September 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 94


The episode started with Sikandar telling the lady police that Kulfi is with some unknown man and must be distressed. The Lady police said that they have to wait till they get a ransom call. Sikandar wondered why this man is not calling them up. David told Susan that it’s a beautiful day and he would take her out if she could see. David showed clothes to Susan and told her he will make Joshua/Kulfi wear them but Susan did not respond.

Mohender told his mother that he cannot see Sikandar’s restlessness and said that they will tell Sikandar the truth. Sikandar’s mother said that they cannot do that as Sikandar will go crazy in anger. David gave the clothes to Kulfi. Kulfi said that he will take the clothes only if he sings. David said that he will not sing in the morning.

Kulfi said that Sikandar sings every morning and David became angry. Kulfi said that he will sing so David should join him and she sang happily around David. David also sung but his voice was very bad. Sikandar wondered why Kulfi didn’t tell him before going and recalled his last conversation with Kulfi.

he recalled that Kulfi had mentioned that the man had spoken to someone in the house, she told this to Mohender. Mohender wondered who in their house had spoken to the man and not told any of them. Amayra overheard their conversation and became tensed.
Kulfi asked David why he sings so badly. David told him that his voice is bad. Kulfi said that his notes are bad and said that her mother had told her that her father is a very big superstar and asked David if he is sure whether he is his father.

David became angry and scolded Kulfi saying that he is his father. David told Kulfi that he is going out and Kulfi asked him to take her along too as he wants to meet Sikandar. David scolded Kulfi for wanting to meet Sikandar. Kulfi said that she wants to bring back her mother’s belongings and David to make her talk to Sikandar on the phone.

David said that he will make her talk with the person who called him. Sikandar wondered who could be the person who spoke to the man and suddenly realized that it could be Amayra. David called up Amayra and wondered why David is calling her. Sikandar went towards Amayra’s room but Lovely stopped him. Sikandar eventually entered Amayra’s room but she was in the washroom.

Sikandar told Lovely that he knows Amayra was the one who spoke to that man. Amayra and Sikandar got into an argument. Lovely asked Sikandar not to get so hyper. Sikandar said that Kulfi must be waiting for him, he took everyone’s phones and left. David told Kulfi that the phone number was not going through. Kulfi said that he does not know any other number and she asked David to educate him but David scolded him.

Kulfi thinks that Sikandar never behaved like this with him. Tevar called on Lovely’s number and Sikandar picked it up. Tevar said that he called by mistake and told him that Tevor is lost. Sikandar asked a shopkeeper about David’s car and Kulfi’s whereabouts but he did not help. Kulfi wore the new clothes and thinks that he doesn’t feel that David is his father and was hiding something.

Precap: Kulfi went into Susan’s room and screamed…Read more

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