Sikander Gets Information About David. Little Singer Kulfi 28 September 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 95


The started with Kulfi saying, i found dad but i still think i haven’t and i feel like he is hiding something, David was praying said mother forgive me, Susan is very upset after our son’s death and she isn’t able to get over it,i know i have done wrong getting this boy here,but i had this last chance to help my susan, if he can cure my susan. Kulfi said I have to tell dad the truth that I am a girl.

Lovely asked Tevar what is he doing there,he said i was worried, yesterday Sikander was yelling at you and today your phone is with him, Lovely said if Sikander sees us,it won’t be good, Lovely heard Mohendar saying he is going downstairs to check the cctv footage with Sikander, Lovely said, that can’t happen.

they will learn i went to see you,Tevar said so, Lovely said he will doubt on me, this is what you want right that we fight,Mohendar was walking, Lovely said Sikander isn’t home,Tevar said hello, i heard you going downstairs to check the CCTV footage, let me accompany you and left with him.

Sikander was watching the CCTV footage with Tevar and Mohendar and they saw a man and Kulfi rushing toward him.Kulfi started looking for David,she saw a room and said dad asked me not to enter this room who must be here, Tevar looked at the wires and to avoid Lovely being suspected, he disconnected the PC and placed water over it.Sikander then called the security and asked him to check.

Kulfi saw Susan and they both shouted seeing each other,Kulfi then run away,David rushed to Susan and hugged her.Tevar said let’s wait out let him finish the the work.The Security said,the CPU is burnt sir, we will need 2-3 days now,Sikander became angry and left and dashed into a laundry man,Mohendar said sorry we lost a kid, so he is upset,he asked who, Kulf? and gave the details to Sikander,he said he had a cross locket on his neck.

Sikander requested him to come with him and sketch the person and he agreed,he said he also had a bag with mumbai Church written on it.Sikander said let’s go and they all left.

Scared Kulfi was sitting in her room,David scolded her and asked why did you go there,Kulfi said i was looking for you,David said there is no need, dare you enter that room again,Kulfi asked who is that Aunty and why didn’t you tell me about her,David said she is susan and can’t see so she got scared hearing your voice,Kulfi said God didn’t do good with her but what is she doing in our house

David said you believe in our father right,Kulfi said yes,David said then you have to believe Susan is your mother,Kulfi said no, my mother is Nimrat,David said yes but now she is your mother because i married her now,Kulfi said how bad of you, Sikander sir would never do such a thing,Dvaid said you and Sikander, look, when you grow up you will understand,Kulfi said what I will not understand,you left me and my mother you,you broke our trust,you loved my mother right.

you married my mother right,you must have taken some woes right in front of everyone , David said yes, Kulfi said you are a liar, my mother and father married secretly and he was a singer but you aren’t ,you are just a liar,David said look, whatever i am your father now, Kulfi said that’s not possible, we have only one parent and you aren’t, i have to go to Sikander sir.

David said stay here,put this straight in your mind that i am your father and Susan your mother, tie your hair,dont let them loose,Kulfi said God please help me,David locked her,Kulfi banged the door and said let me go,i don’t want to stay with you

Sikander and Mohinder met the inspector with the laundry man,she denied
and said it’s not been 24 hrs, we need to follow some rules, Sikander became angry and left. Tevar said Lovely, I am not your enemy and before Sikander could see anything i destroyed the machine.

Lovely said thank God,Tevar showed Lovely the poster, Lovely said Amyra is a kid, she did it in innocence,i have to take them off,Tevar said I won’t say a word of anything, she is my daughter too, Lovely said no she isn’t,Tevar said not my blood but by heart and so she is mine and left.

Mohinder was trying to stop Sikander, Sikander lost his calm, left and said they are good for nothing.Kulfi had hiccups and said Sikander sir must be looking for me, Sikander sir must be looking for me and God David uncle isn’t my father please help me.

Pre cap : Kulfi was trying to get out of the window, Sikander was nearby and said why do i feel kulfi is somewhere around…Read more

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