Lovely Bribes Kulfi To Sing. Little Singer Kulfi 29 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 52


The episode started with Kulfi listening to the song on the ipod. Gunjan came in and laughed looking at her, Sikander’s mum and brother also saw her enjoying and dancing.

Sikander’s brother asked Kulfi if she loves to sing, she said yes, but now i can’t sing as my throat is gone bad and he told her to rest then.

Later, he told his mum that with Kulfi coming home, the house has no more silence, his wife feels bad as she is unable to conceive. Sikander’s mum told her elder son to understand Gunjan’s feelings and go comfort her.

Sikander came home, he got a dress for lovely and Amyra, she asked if he is sorry, he said i can’t forgive that you lied, but i want you both to come to my concert tomorrow, he said i will never lie to my daughter until i am dead, she pretends to cry and said if you cannot understand our dreams, we can’t go with you, i will not come for the concert as i can’t do this any more.

Kulfi tried to clear her throat with salt water, her darane wale Nanu told her not to sing and rest. she said i have to sing, else Lovely will not take me to the concert and i have to go and meet my father there, Nanu doubted Lovely’s intentions.

The next morning, Sikander practiced singing, his brother joined him and they had a good time singing. He thanked his brother for being there with him and told him how lucky he was.
Sikander got ready for the concert and went to Amayra’s room to see her and get her good luck.

while her mother Lovely was busy getting her ready for the concert, she stopped Sikander from meeting Amyra by making an excuse, Sikander felt bad, his mother, brother and sister in law too felt sad that Sikander is treated like that.

Sikander was leaving for the concert and Kulfi stopped him, asked him to eat Dahi and sugar as a part of good luck, he recalled Nimrat and became emotional. He was in tears as Kulfi told him to have dahi and sugar, he told her you have reminded me of someone and kissed her the on forehead.

Kulfi said it’s my big day today as i will get to meet my father today, Amyra said it’s my day as i will be a super star today. My father will be proud of me.
Sikander got to the concert, media asked him about his family and he made an excuse, Amyra and Kulfi came secretly backstage along with Kulfi to the concert venue.

Lovely was tensed as Kulfi went missing the from dressing room, she looked for her at the concert while Sikander was singing, Kulif fell down and called for her mother and Sikander looked at her.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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