Nimrat Shares Her Past. Little Singer Kulfi 29 July 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 9



Sikander walks to sleeping amyra and says I’m so sorry I scolded you and spoilt your birthday but what to do your dad is just good at singer and not all this and you want to be a good singer right,I will help you be one,I will be your good dad,when I will be back we shall rehearse a lot and you will be very good singer promise,dadi hears.

Kulfi asks ma tell me what is his name oh so you are angry,you tell me your name I shall get him,then you punish him but when he shall apologies forgive him ok,nimrat says no ways,he went on his own it was his wish and will return on mine and I don’t want him to,and so won’t tell you his name,kulfi says but Ma what will happen if you tell me his name,nimrat says you will force on going meeting him in Mumbai and then once you meet him you will forget what he did to your mom,kulfi says oh so my Baba stays in Mumbai,nimrat says he isn’t your Baba.

Nimrat says kulfi a father never runs away from his family from his daughter,and i never told you his name because I wanted you to be my daughter,if you were a boy I would have told you his name and asked you to be a better and bigger singer than he is,kulfi says what he is famous in filed of singing.kulfi asks but why can’t I be a famous singer,nimrat says because girls are very emotional and I don’t want you to suffer from a heart break like I did and hush kulfi.

Kulfi hears sikanders song and says wow sikander Gil’s song,announcement is made today sikander singh Gil Punjab’s number one singer is returning to pathankot ,kulfi running to the announcement, nimrat stops her,kulfi says Ma let me go it’s sikander Gil’s song please Ma.dadi waiting for sikanders news whether he has reached Chandigarh,pathan chaha calls her and tells he did reach Chandigarh but left for Pathankot with his old car the car isn’t in good condition the breaks aren’t working,but before I could say anything he left.

The phone slips from dadis hand,lovely walks in and says bang it a little harder then it shall break and where is your son,did he ran away after hearing about my dad,dadi says enough lovely stop pressuring him so much and he left pathankot for a show and he left in a car whose breaks aren’t working,lovely says he is throwing tantrums to escape my dads anger.

Kulfi says I heard his song once you hear too you will start dancing,and whenever I sing his song I feel good here,nimrat thinks he will snatch my kulfi why is he here.

Sikander in his jeep,and remembers lovely slapping him and says you are famous in the world but in your own house and starts laughing,lovely calls him,sikander throws the phone and drinks,and leaves.lovely says how dare he cut my phone.mohendar says bebe calm down I will get sikander,lovely says no need,he is doing this to not face my daddy and one bother ran away this one shouldn’t and already sikander has created too much negative publicity so I don’t want anything now so i will go get him.

Kulfi says Ma sikander looks so handsome,my Baba must be handsome like him and so you liked him right,nimrat starts coughing,kulfi asks Ma what happened why are you crying because I asked about Baba,ok promise I won’t ask but please don’t cry,nimrat says really,kulfi says if you cry I won’t.

Bhala walks to kulfis house,nihalo says I’m not giving back any money,kulfi sang the song why are you here now,bhala starts crying and says we are here with some more money,you have to send kulfi with us to Pathankot there’s a big show.kulfi says Ma let’s stay a little more it’s such a good song,I agreed to not asking about Baba,and Ma I never asked for anything but one request take me to sikanders show please Ma,nimrat says this isn’t done he will take my kulfi away from me.

Nihalo thinking about what can be done,bhala says we will give you 2 amount you can get a second hand scooter with it,take this money,and send kulfi with us to Pathankot.nihalo looks at the money and says kulfi will come with you guys and counts the money,bhala says are you sure you will make it,nihalo says I can do anything just keep in mind nimrat doesn’t learn about you guys,nimrat will do whatever I ask her to.

Kulfi asks Ma why can’t I go to hear his song and sees a pamphlet of sikanders show and follows it,nimrat follows her asking her to stop but she misses her,rohan about to tear,kulfi says stop don’t give it to me because this has sikander Gil’s pic,rohan says beg for it,kulfi does so,but rohan doesn’t give her, and says she is dying for the pic as if it’s her fathers and tears it.kulfi in tears.

Kulfi picks the torn pieces,nimrat walks there and calls kulfi,and sees kulfi in tears and says sikander you are the reason for my daughters pain I shall never forgive you for it,the announcement tempo passing by playing sikanders song,kulfi wipes her tears and says see god helped me now I can see a bigger picture and rushes behind it,kulfi stumbles and falls off the road,nimrat shouts.

Sikander losses his control but stops the jeep to find kulfi in front of his jeep.

Precap: nimrat faints,and her mouth starts bleeding…Read more