Sikander Begs For Forgiveness. Little Singer Kulfi 29 March 2023, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 349


The episode began with Kulfi singing at the ceremony. She was distracted by someone who was continuously shouting at her.

Vikram signaled her to sing as expected. She recalled the lovely moments she had with her dad and began singing again.

Everyone became surprised when she began singing a melody about her dad. She was pushed by somebody and fell on the floor. Mahender then came and treated her wound.

Sikander was practicing with Amyra and he praised her for singing perfectly.

Mahender accompanied Kulfi and Sikander became stressed out seeing her injured. He shouted at Vikram for not taking care of her.

In the evening, Sikander came to meet Kulfi when everyone was sleeping. He gave her turmeric milk and got some information about what happened at the occasion.

She told him about how sacred she was getting involved with the ceremony. Sikander became furious to get to the root of whatever went on.

Kulfi wished to flee with Sikander to escape whatever she was going through. She said, singing without it coming from the heart is not singing. She then urged Sikander to persuade Mohinder.

In the morning, Sikander got ready to observe Guru Purnima, he wished his Guru and his elder sibling. He served him dinner and begged him to spare the family and give him Kulfi back.

Mahender refused and asked him to leave Kulfi alone.

Precap: Kulfi found out that it was Lovely who killed her mom…Read more

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