Little Singer Kulfi 29 May 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 432


The episode began with Sikander handing over some black money to Raju to convert them into white money, the inspector was still following him. Kulfi and her friends went to Sikander and asked him to teach them music. Sikander thinks, I am on the wrong path now, only someone with pure hearted can teach music and he said no to the Kids.

Kulfi forcefully handed him a guitar and he became emotional, he panicked when he remembered all the bad things he had done. Kulfi hugged him and asked, is everything alright? She wiped his tears and said, just forget about everything and sing a song for us. Sikander said, I can’t and was about to leave when Kulfi started singing their favorite song.

Raju came to meet a guy, the guy saw the inspector and he run away shouting Police, Raju also saw him and run away but the went after him. Kulfi came to Sikander with a Guitar and made him hold it, Sikander had flashes of him burning the warehouse, he broke the guitar strings and Kulfi became surprised. Sikander placed the guitar aside, went into his room and locked himself up.

He placed his hand over the diya and said, don’t forget you are dying, don’t become weak. Kulfi said, I will always be with baba no matter what happens, I will make him happy. Kalti asked Kulfi, what is wrong? Kulfi replied, nothing.
Kulfi said, I will always be with baba so that he doesn’t do anything wrong.

Sikander saw Kulfi coming and said, oh no, she shouldn’t find out about my disease and he fainted on bed. Kulfi saw him and presumed he was sleeping and she said, baba I know you are in pain and not feeling good too but don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone, I know you are a good man, you will never do wrong, I want my old baba back, the one I have now isn’t the real one.

Raju hid and called Sikander, Kulfi saw the call coming in and thinks, maybe they are up to something bad again, no I won’t let that happen. Sikander woke up, answered the call and left the room. Raju informed him that the police were after him, Raju panicking and Sikander said, don’t worry, don’t be tensed I am coming and Sikander took his medicines.

Kulfi said to herself, I won’t let him go and said, baba please don’t go, please stay here. Sikander responded, I will come back soon but Kulfi said, don’t go, stay here, we will always stay together and go back to how we were before. She kept insisting but Sikander pushed her aside.

Sikander came to meet Raju, Raju was upset with him saying, when I needed you the most, you weren’t there for me. Sikander said, what are you saying, listen to me, enough of the nonsense, you believe I left you alone so police would catch you? I pushed my daughter away to come you. Kulfi injured her head, she heard Himmat excited about a center opened for visitors of India and said, this time round I will visit there and showed the other kids a photo.

Kalti said, Kulfi look, this is such a pretty place. Kulfi was focused on looking for Sikander and said, I will look at it later. Raju said, you are scared for Kulfi but what about my Kalti Chooja, you behave so selfish, they began fighting and Kulfi saw them.

Precap : Sikander told Jimmy, you are still stuck with Fateh’s case, I was the one who burnt your warehouse…Read more

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