Little Singer Kulfi 29 May 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 433


The episode began with Sikander telling Raju, this is not who I am, I am turning into a devil, I swear on my music that I was on my way to save you, I love you and I would never do that to you. I shouldn’t be doing this but I have no other option, my poor daughter is in so much pain and I can’t stand it.

Raju responded, I know what your problem but Sikander said, we are not talking about our problem here and no one should ever talk about it. Raju said, I am sorry, I was scared for my kids, Sikander, said same here, I was also scared.

Kulfi on the other hand was thinking that it was because of their current situation that has made Sikander change into a different person.
Amyra, Kulfi and Sikander got ready for the album launch. They arrived at the venue, Kulfi and Amyra were very excited and Amyra said, it’s so grand. Jimmy came and was in the audience.

Mohsin greeted Sikander and Sikander introduced the girls to him. Mohsin asked Sikander to take over and that he will be back soon and he left. Sikander went ahead to address the media. Jimmy signaled a waiter and he added something into Mohsin’s drink and Mohsin took the drink without knowing anything. Sikander described his album and invited Mohsin up on stage. Mohsin was feeling dizzy while going up stage.

Himmat was so excited about going to Kartarpur and she talked to Shantatai about it. Mohsin who was feeling dizzy and was not in his right senses started talking out of control. Sikander asked him to go and sit down but Mohsin turned to the media and said, this will be a million-dollar hit album I assure you, I dare anyone to have a doubt on it.

He passed out and the media made fun of Mohsin. Mohsin gained consciousness, insulted the media and passed out again. The media asked Sikander questions and he responded, the release has been postponed and I apologize on his behalf. Sikander then spotted Jimmy in the audience and understood he was behind Mohsin’s sudden behavior.

Amyra and Kulfi were working to cheer Sikander up. Amyra was writing a song for Sikander and Kulfi helped her to complete the lyrics and they both decided to sing it together. Raju was with Sikander and Sikander said, I thought everything was going to be good after the Album launch but no, it didn’t.

God wants me to stay on this devilish plan and he cursed God. He then called Jimmy and Jimmy asked, do you like my gift? Sikander replied, I was expecting the gift though. Jimmy said, I knew you kidnapped Fateh. Sikander said, you are very slow, so you are still on Fateh when I burnt your warehouse and stole your CDs, I will destroy you and Jimmy said, look what I will do to you now.

Amyra got a call and the person on the line said, your baba’s life is in danger, come save him if you can before it’s too late. Kulfi asked, where he is? The caller replied, he is at your old house and they both rushed towards the house.

Kulfi’s picture fell near Himmat and she asked, where did this Kartarpur Gurdwara picture come from? The girls got into the house, the lights went off and they became scared. Amyra asked, who is there and they began calling out Sikander. Kulfi said, we have to find baba and Amyra said, let search the whole house then. They went to the music room, they felt someone was in the house and they became scared.

Pre-cap ; Kulfi packed and left for Kartarpura Gurudwara…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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