Little Singer Kulfi 29 November 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 178


The episode started with Kulfi studying in class and her teachers arrived,she said your study time is over, it’s time for your test and these two maams will also accompany you so that your father won’t say that I purposely threw you out of the school,ma’am said she is Tevar’s daughter right.

Kulfi said yes, he is a famous singer,ma’am said but paper say something else,Kulfi asked what, ma’am said don’t, she is a kid,she said paper said your father has no work, he is broke and works in some bar and Kulfi felt bad,ma’am said kulfi we will focus on you and not consequences, don’t worry let’s begin with the test.

Ma’am asked her to read what’s written on the board,Kulfi was broken and in tears, ma’am kept throwing questions on her,ma’am asked kulfi what’s wrong with her hand,Kulfi said my hand got burnt,my book caught fire,ma’am said these are all your stupid excuses and stop crying, go I know you can do nothing.

Kulfi left heart broken thinking about all the hard work taken by Tevar and Sikander,the principal entered the class and looked at Kulfi,she said Mrs. verma, I heard everything and kulfi is your hand really injured,Kulfi said yes, you can check,the principal said I trust you, we will take your oral test and I will make decisions and Kulfi said thank you.

Verma wrote a sentence on the board and asked Kulfi to read,The principal said take your time, it’s fine,Kulfi remembered sikanders words. Sikander was in his music room thinking about Amyra and thinks.

why is amyra thinking that she will loose me, she is my princess and will never give up on her but how will I tell her, Prom called Sikander and asked him to come along with Lovely as Tevar didn’t receive his call. Sikander with lovely rushed to school and saw Amyra and kulfi in the principal’s office.

The Principal asked him and Lovely to take a seat and said it’s a serious case,there’s a huge difference in performance,Sikander said yes Kulfi worked hard,she said it’s not Kulfi but your daughter Amyra,here’s her paper all blank,Sikander said this can’t be hers,why Amyra, why didn’t you write anything.Amyra remembered lovely asking her to do so because he focused on Kulfi and failed as father.

Amyra answered just like that,the Principal said it’s not her fault but her parents are responsible, Sikander asked how about kulfi,the principal said we are surprised she worked really hard and has passed the test, we will soon promote her to Amyra’s class, Amyra left the room, lovely and Sikander followed her. Kulfi said she is so upset.

Sikander asked Amyra what’s wrong, what’s happening, Amyra said does that really matter, you don’t care about me,go celebrate with kulfi,Sikander tried to console but Lovely took her away.

Kulfi placed the newspaper inside her bag and rushed to Sikander,held his hand and said it’s you, because of you, I can study here,now go focus on Amyra, I will take my fathers help,if she doesn’t like I will go away from you. Sikander said don’t you worry I will manage and you think about your victory,let’s go.

DK called Sikander and offered him recordings for urgent basis,Sikander dropped kulfi,kulfi said can’t you stay here for sometime,Sikander said I know you are asking for Amyra but it’s work,I have to go,I will see you in the evening,bye.

Kulfi run calling for Tevar and saw people around taking down the house,Kulfi walked in looking for Tevar, she heard Tevar yelling at the officers, Tevar was about to raise his hand but Kulfi stopped him.

Precap :
Sikander recorded a song dedicating to daughters. Tevar and Kulfi’s house was seized…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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