Sikander Finds Kulfi’s Location. Little Singer Kulfi 29 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 96


The episode started with Kulfi saying i will come to you Sikander Sir, i miss you too and want to come back to you , Sikander was prayed and said God thank you for the sign, just one more to get close to Kulfi and give Kulfi strength to fight. Lovely was scolding Amyra said, do you have any idea what you have done, now just tell me the places you pasted the posters and dont tell anyone where i went.

Kulfi started finding her way out, Sikander was out of Davids house and he said, i feel Kulfi is close by but where,he got in the car and left. Lovely had her face covered and started taking off the posters.Sikander was looking for Kukfi again and dashed out on David but didn’t recognise him. Kulfi got hurt while struggling with the window and said i won’t give up.

she fell down and started crying. Sikander heard David buy pagdi and he followed him, Sikander tried to match all the clues they have and run towards David and pulled him out of car and yelled, tell me where my Kulfi is, David recognised it was Sikander, pushed him and run away.

Sikander got David but he started acting innocent, Sikander said come with me to the police station,he took him to the police station and said heres the culprit, ask him where Kulfi is now, the laundry boy said he looked like him,the Inspector asked David and said if we find a kid at your place, David said talk to my lawyer,the Inspector said let’s go to his house and examine and David tried to cover up

Kulfi was crying and said why don’t people stay in my life but Sikander sir, this time i won’t leave you i promise,a butterfly flew to her and she remembered their last minute, Kulfi followed the butterfly and it took her to Susan’s room, she saw susan asleep and the window was open,Kulfi said David uncle asked me to not enter here but it’s the only way to go out,Kulfi entered the room and closed the door. Susan then woke up coughing and it reminded Kulfi of Nimrat.

Everyone reached David’s house, Kulfi went to help Susan and gave her water, David tried to make excuses but the Inspector warned him, Susan held Kulfi’s hand and she got scared,Kulfi said please leave me, for god’s sake. David opened the door,Sikander shouted Kulfi and everyone started looking around for her,Susan then let’s go of Kulfi,

Sikander saw blood on the window and shouted Kulfi and he entered Susan’s room…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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