Kulfi Meets Sikander On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 3 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 15



Manveer says kulfi I need to talk something important,kulfi says yes tell me,he says will you,bhala says where do you keep roaming kulfi come with me and takes her away.
Sikander walks to the stage drinking,he has nimrats flashes and is hurt,sikander is called upon the stage,sikander picks himself up and goes in the stage,and greets the audience,kulfi with bhala at backstage watching sikander,bhala says he was in pain minutes ago and now look,kulfi says it’s the magic of music,kulfi imitates sikander and is very happy to see him perform,sikander is thinking about nimrat and remembers nihalos words that nimrat is married now and has a daughter,sikander begins his song,his neck piece comes off and falls on ye ground.

Kulfi and Sikander both walk to it,she picks it and sikander smiles at her,kulfi gives it to her and is very excited to see him,sikander looks into her eyes and gives it to her,kulfi places it on her hand and ties it to her hand,sikander watches her do that.

Kulfi about to walk to sikander,Manveer takes her away with her.nimrat dreams of kulfi walking away with sikander and happy to be with him,nurse says calm down and says when will her family members come.

Setu walking towards pathankot,nihalo following him,Manveer says kulfi will you give me what I ask for,kulfi says yes I will,he asks do you know eklavya,kulfi says yes he gave his thumb to his guru,Manveer says so will you give me my gurudakshina,kulfi says you want my thumb,Manveer says no I want my job and for that you have to run away,I need money and when you will run away I will get chance to sing and I can use this money for my mothers treatment,if you take me as guru do this for me please.

Kulfi says ok,but I’m return pray for my mother too because I have no one other than her,he starts crying,kulfi walking away in tears,setu sees a hand rickshaw and steals it and says god today sikander proves he still has feelings for nimrat and I have to unite kulfi and sikander.
Nihalo says I can’t let kulfi and sikander meet and stops a bike and says Nimrat will die before meeting her daughter kulfi we can’t let that happen take me to Pathankot and leaves.

Sikander begins his second performance.sikander in nimrats thoughts and the fact that she is married now,kulfi walking away,sikander Thanks audience and starts feeling giddy,bouncers hold him,kulfi says I can’t go back I need money for treatment,she sees muskan and waves her and says sikander Sir will help me.

Kulfi gears crowd following sikander and gets very happy and rushes to sikander pushing guests away,organiser says sikander let’s go to hospital,sikander says I have no one here now I have to leave,kulfi holds his hand,sikander giddy looks at her.sikander faints,kulfi asks what’s wrong with him,organisers take him away,kulfi follows them.sikander is taken to car.kulfi tries to reach him but the car leaves.kulfi says what now.

Pre cap: kulfi prays in temple I need money for my mother’s treatment,ladies their say pray full night and sing in jagrata and god will bless you…Read more