Kulfi Gets Money For Her Mother’s Treatment. Little Singer Kulfi 3 August 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 16


The episode started with Nihalo following setu on a bike and said hear me out for once, Setu saw Sitara and they got down, Sitara asked, where is kulfi, she left without singing, Nihalo said you lost her, how did you do this to my money bank and they started arguing, Setu said, even greedy people care about that little girl who is missing and not money,kulfi was thinking about Nimrat while walking alone on the road.

She started singing in pain and was missing nimrat, the time she spent with her and started crying, she then found a temple on her way and went there, she head a women say, if you stay awake here all night and pray to the goddess, she fulfills your wish and kulfi said I found a way.

Nihalo said I am very sure kulfi must be with nimrat, Setu said I hope she is with Nimrat. kulfi went inside and prayed, lord please, I will be a good girl and go to bed early, I want money, so I will stay awake and pray, Pandit said, hasn’t anyone taught you greediness is bad shameless girl,ask for brains,kulfi said I have that, I want money because I don’t have money, Aunty, I heard you say that if we pray all night our wishes will be fulfilled,she said I hate poor people,they are just good at begging, their parents have taught them nothing.

Kulfi said Aunty, my mother is very nice but she is ill,no matter how hard I work, I can’t pull out that huge amount,a lady said please keep her out she is a hurdle,kulfi said I don’t know what hurdle is but I can help you with this jagrata, i will sing all night and even your jagrata will be fulfilled and in return, you will give me money.

Amyra went to mohindar and said I have decided that you will teach me music,she had money in her hand and said my mom always said you taught dad music, he is superstar so why waste my time behind someone else,gunjan said off coarse he will teach you but he doesn’t want money for this, Amyra said but mom said no one does anything for free,she said you are too small to understand humanity but listen he is your uncle why will he charge you, Amyra then asked him to teach her.

Mohindar said I will teach my princess, Amyra said ok then we shall start after school tomorrow,gunjan became emotional and said, you are her uncle and she thinks you will charge her,he said it’s not her fault but her upbringing.

Kulfi said tell me, will you help? Pandit said, it’s very difficult,kulfi said let me try once,a lady said, will you do it, are you sure? I am here for my son, he is very ill and if you could stay awake all night I will help you with money,kulfi said off coarse, even your son will be awake,she said if my son opens his eyes while you sing, I will pay all the money required for the treatment.

Kulfi said God, today it’s not just me but all of us please, fulfill our wishes and she began singing, Nimrat woke up calling for kulfi and was about to leave her room but the nurse pulled her in, Setu, nihalo and Sitara reached the hospital.

Kulfi was dancing and singing and the baby opened his eyes, his mom became very happy, Nimrat was restless thinking about sikander taking kulfi away, Nihalo saw Nimrat and asked, tell me where kulfi is, Nimrat said he took her away, Setu came in and said leave her alone, Nimrat said, her father took her away and she fainted . Nihalo said sikander gill took her away!!! Oh my money bank.

Kulfi saw money,she became very happy and said thank you God. She then saw the baby and said oh look, he woke up and said I am so happy, we are sorry we insulted you,but your pure heart and your soul goddess accepted our prayers,you are like God to me and touched kulfis feet,kulfi said I am just my mother’s daughter and elders don’t touch my feet. She said, I bless you and may God fulfill all your wishes and handed kulfi money and said go, run to your mother and save her.

Kulfi asked how will I leave,because the night isn’t over,Aunty said you go, I will pray for your mother, you go to hospital. The panditji then said, before you leave put this over the goddess, you have the purest heart,kulfi said but I haven’t bath,he said but your heart is pure,kulfi was pouring gangajal and the glass slipped from her hand.

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kulfi run towards the hospital. Nimrat managed to escape and setu became shocked seeing her missing…Read more

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