Kulfi Sees Her Father Down The Road. Little Singer Kulfi 3 March 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 313


The episode started with Chandan warning kulfi to stay in the car and left. Chandan went to the restaurant and ordered drinks, started drinking and having food alone leaving Kulfi in car. Kulfi was tired, hungry and she fell asleep. Chandan got drunk. Nandini got home and saw Bhola angry, she asked why are you angry, Bhola said you are home late, Nandini told him she was busy with emergency patients.

Bhola served her food and said I got you gift and handed her the spectacles and we aren’t poor anymore, Nani came out shouting and asked where did he get the money from, Bhola said I sold all the books and newspaper. Nandini was in tears said what will I do with the spectacles, I need them to read books and you sold them.

Chandan came out of restaurant drunk, he walked to a man counting money and the man handed him drugs and he drove home. Nandini said Bhola they were not just books, I had bought them with great difficulty, Bhola handed her Pakhi’s books and said read from these, Nani said he knows no importance.

Nandini started crying and said my exams are approaching what will I do, it’s not his fault he just wanted to help. Nani scolded Bhola, Bhola said I am sorry I don’t know what is happening but looks like I did something wrong, Nandini asked Nani not to abuse Bhola, Bhola felt bad and left.

Bhola was walking on the streets alone said she doesn’t want new spectacle but old books, she is so stupid and Nani always keeps scolding me, I will get Nandini’s books back. Chandan was about to kill Bhola by his car, Bhola scolded him and left, they both weren’t able to see each other due to darkness.

Chandan held all the money and was very happy saying one recording gave me so much money, she is a jackpot, let me call Balwant and ask him to get Kulfi as many recordings as he can.

Kulfi saw Chandan hiding money in the flower pot and was surprised, she hid and later entered the room and thinks why must he be hiding money, he is acting just like mami use to, how do I find if he is greedy and she broke the pot purposely, Chandan rushed in and was about to hit kulfi but Lovely got in.

Nandini was worried for Bhola and asked Nani to look after Pakhi, she will go find Bhola, Nani asked Nandini not to do so and asked her to forget Bhola, she will convince Pakhi, Nandini said for Pakhi and her happiness I have to get Bhola back, he is not a bad person, he tried a lot to keep us happy, let me get him home.

Kulfi apologized to lovely on breaking the vase, lovely said it’s fine step back but where did money come from, Chandan said I kept it there, Chandan said Mohinder gave me back so I kept in the vase, did I make a mistake again, lovely said calm down it’s just strange and kulfi go sleep.

Kulfi thinks, all this is so strange and runs away. Bhola woke up dreaming of kulfi as angel, Kulfi was in his dream and said why don’t you come to me please come, a man came and woke Bhola, Bhola was sleeping in front of his shop and started saying angel and asked bhaiya where is the angel, he said there is no one but why are you here.

Bhola said I was guarding, he said I don’t need one, Bhola said I want those books I gave you yesterday, he said 2000, Bhola said I don’t understand that but if I give will you, will I get it back and he said yes, Bhola hugged him and said you are so nice.

Nandini arrived there looking for Bhola, the landlord walked to her and started troubling her, he said I am so worried for you and don’t feel lonely, I am always with you, Nandini said I am not alone, please leave me alone, he said don’t waste your life behind Bhola he can’t satisfy you but I can, just give me one chance but Nandini run away.

Chandan talked to Kulfi and said tell me the truth, you broke the vase purposely right, Kulfi said no by mistake, Chandan said mistake is I am not keeping an proper eye on you, anyways put these earphones and hear the song and rehearse.

Pre cap : Kulfi saw drug packet on the floor, she picked it, showed it to her friends, rocket said it’s drugs…Read more

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