Shocking! Kulfi Gets Hit By Car. Little Singer Kulfi 3 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 100


The episode started with David locking Kulfi in the confession box, the prayer began in the church, Sikander addressed everyone and said you all know me, it’s said that kids are God’s gift,and i have lost my baby, Kulfi recognised his voice , Sikander said my lost baby is a little sweet kid, years back i had an innocent person in my life but got separated and remembered Nimrat and then came this little kid and i felt the same experience.

like i met myself again after ages and i couldn’t guard God’s gift,i had promised him i won’t leave him,he is named Kulfi, he came here with a man,in white ambassador, i know you guys will understand my pain,please help me find my Kulfi and i promise i shall not let him go away from me.

David said that he will get Kulfi before anyone sees him. Susan stopped David and said that Kulfi is not their Joshua. Susan said that she knows what happened with their Joshua, Flashback showed David with his son Joshua who forgot his water bottle before going to school. David went to get the water bottle and Joshua got hit by a bus. Susan said that she was angry when Joshua died, Kulfi is a special child but it is not right for them to keep Kulfi as he is not happy with them. Susan then pleaded with David to let Kulfi go.

David walked towards the confession box. Sikandar went away from church and cried and he thinks about his moments with Kulfi. David opened the confession box door and pulled out Kulfi. Kulfi pleaded with David to let him go and David left her. She said she will pray for Susan and she will be fine soon and left. David then smiled at him. David hugged Susan and cried. Lovely told Minty that she cannot come for her engagement party as Kulfi is missing.

Minty scolded Lovely for missing her engagement party for that village boy. Lovely said she will try to come. Tevar told Minty that he knows she will come. Minty asked Tevar how he knew Lovely so well. Kulfi then run to find Sikandar, Sikandar saw Kulfi and they both became very happy and open their arms for each other. Kulfi run towards Sikandar, she got hit by a van and she fell unconscious. Sikandar held Kulfi and screamed.

Precap: Sikandar carried Kulfi around and pleaded with people to help him…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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