Will Kulfi Sing For Amyra? Little Singer Kulfi 30 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 54


The episode started with Lovely picking up Kulfi as she tripped and managed to avoid her meeting Sikander.

She took her backstage, Sikander spotted Amyra and was very happy that she came to the concert. Amyra said we have come to surprise you, Lovely came there, she told him to go to the stage as he is yet to perform and Sikander left.

Lovely’s mom came and said thank God we found Kulfi, Lovely told her mum to ensure that Roshan Kumar introduces Amyra properly. She took Amyra backstage and told her that it’s her big day and she should focus.

Sikander performed the next song and which was Kulfi’s, mama wondered, Sikander is in a good mood all of a sudden, he was singing a sad song earlier.

he had assumed that Sikander was remembering his wife Nimrat and kulfi, but now with the change in Sikander’s mood, he wondered can Sikander really help him to find Kulfi.

Sikander was happy that Amyra and Lovely came for his concert and sent a love message to all his fans.

Lovely told Amyra, this is the day we were waiting for so many days, today you will be a superstar, she told her to perform so well, that people can never say that Sikander’s daughter cannot sing.

Kulfi was with the sound engineer and asked him why he has such messy hair, he should put oil, the guy told her to not worry about her hair. She again asked him questions about his equipments and he was pissed off.

She asked him if he knows her father, she was about to give him details, lovely came, Kulfi became shocked and started coughing, Lovely was tense. The host said today’s highlight of the day is still to come, we will introduce you the future of singing.

Lovely told Kulfi to stop thinking about her hurt, forces her to take meds and gave her water. She told Kulfi that it’s only one song. Lovely pushed Kulfi to sing and said she has done so much for her, she has to sing.

Roshan Kumar was coming to the sound room while Lovely was emotionally blackmailing Kulfi for doing so many things for her. Kulfi hugged Lovely and said you are my good friend, i need your help. Lovely said if you are my real friend, then sing now, now.

Roshan Kumar stopped as Amyra was called on stage and Sikander became shocked, he then fumed out of anger, his brother hugged him and told him not to do any showdown. Kulfi’s mama was shocked to see Sikander’s daughter Amyra.

Amyra said this is all for you papa, sikander hid his anger while he was in tears as the media was watching him. Kulfi’s mama broke down. Amyra hints she is ready, Kulfi told Amyra to sing.

Kulfi sang with much pain in her throat. Amyra’s Dadi said this is not Amyar’s voice, Kulfi’s mama recognized Kulfi’s voice but thinks that Amyra could have the same kind of voice.

Amyra was lip syncing to Kulfi’s voice, Kulfi was singing a song about friendship and trust,she was is pain as she sings. Sikander was unhappy with the betrayal. Kulfi coughed but Lovely still made her sing.

Lovely was happy that her planned worked, Amyra was shocked to see everyone applaud, Lovely came on stage and was siling while Sikander was sad, Amyra could see her father was sad and was not standing like the others.

The media asked Sikander if this was a surprise for him, how is he feeling, they asked if Amyra was trained by him, he went on stage and Lovely became tensed…Read more

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