Kulfi & Lovely’s Life In Danger. Little Singer Kulfi 30 December 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 223


The episode started with Kulfi shouting for help, Sikander rushed to her and he saw lovely and Amyra standing on the track too, Kulfi shouted baba, Amyra shouted dad, Sikander shouted to lovely to move aside and rushes towards her, Amyra tried to pull lovely away but she didn’t move, lovely seeing a train approaching pushed Amyra away.

Sikander jumped and saved lovely, Kulfi had flashes of time spent with Sikander, she saw the train approach and shouted, lovely said Sikander you choose me and not her, you came, Sikander saw that kulfi wasn’t there and run towards where she was.

Amyra hugged lovely and said I am sorry, are you okay, all will be fine. Sikander shouted for kulfi, Sikander found kulfi’s footwear and started crying, 3 men approached him and asked what’s wrong. Sikander said kulfi was stuck, my baby where did she go, the men said there’s nobody, where did she go, where did you find the footwear, Sikander pointed the spot and the men said she is fine then, because the train changes track here so it passed from the track aside.

Sikander asked lovely where is Kulfi, lovely said I was sending her to Punjab and left her at the bus depot, i don’t know how she came here, Sikander said take Amyra and go home. Kulfi was scared walking alone, Sikander started asking for kulfi and searching for her, Kulfi remembered all the promises Sikander made, how he had saved her before and she got in a bus. Sikander with kulfi’s shoe broke down.

Sikander saw Nimrat walk with Kulfi and rushed to them,he hugged her and lifted her in his arms, Kulfi remembered Sikander didn’t save her, Sikander kissed her and said you are fine, thank God, please forgive me, I can’t forgive myself. Nimrat said calm down, she is fine and with us, as they got home.

Kulfi was unable to forget the incident. Nimrat walked to her and calmed her down,Kulfi said there is a train, Nimrat said there is no train, I will get you water, Kulfi said don’t leave me, Nimrat said calm down, everything will be fine, sikander was unable to forget what happened.

Lovely walked to Sikander happy and hugged him saying I love you so much, I can’t believe you choose me,you proved yourself, Sikander said kulfi could have died,lovely said she is fine and you proved your love, I trust you, we don’t have to separate and no need for divorce, we will be together forever, now go rest you look tired.

Scared Kulfi walked out, she saw lovely and got scared, Lovely then walked to her, Kulfi asked are you fine, Lovely said yes even after what you did, Kulfi asked what did I do, Lovely said go to your room, Kulfi said no, Lovely said so you have decided not to listen to me, Kulfi said I did everything you said.

I drank the milk,why did you leave me and go on the tracks, lovely asked who are you to question me and why did you get down the bus and went on the tracks, Kulfi said to save you, Lovely said you will save me, no my husband will and you want to be hero right. Kulfi said I know you hate me but why send me alone.

Lovely said because you have no place in this house but shameless you, why don’t you leave this house, you keep returning, I know how to get rid of you and I will do it simple. Sikander will never choose you but his family, you are nothing to him and lovely left.

Pre cap : Sikander scolded lovely saying you made the kids stand on the railway track, what if Kulfi had died,Lovely said why does she matter, she is nothing, Sikander said enough.
Kulfi asked Sikander,you said you will never leave me, why didn’t you save me…Read more

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